So, Ryan was hanging out with his friend this evening and dropped to this restaurant to eat. Yep, the restaurant who serves seafood on pan and was having a spectacular yet hilarious promotion several months ago. So, why do not we talk about this fantastic restaurant?

Fish & Co emporium mall might be different with others Fish & Co that I used to know. It's restaurant is divided into two parts. Cashier and Kitchen in the kiosk while its dining area is in the aisle of Mall.


The menu book tricked me when I was going to this restaurant several months ago. I thought that it was a magazine and asked Ryan, "Hey, why they give us a magazine?"

And he was just laughing at my dumbness. So yeah, he will never forget to give this photo to me. It looks nice. I mean, yeah, I love its design so damn badly as hell. 

 so yeah, here we go what's going on the menu. 
  1. Danish Fish & Chips (IDR 99K)

everybody know well that Fish & Co identically with its Fish & Chips. So, he ordered a Danish Fish & Chips. The best thing of Danish Fish & Chips is the mozarella cheese that content in its deep fried fish. But his dissapointment came when he cutted the fish and found a small amount of cheese.

But yeah, the plus point is, for you who loves salty food as him, this product is suitable despite of another fish & chips (The Best Fish & Chips and Japanese Fish & Chips) that were tasted sweet.

2. Paella Rice (IDR 25K)

It was might be our (me & Ryan) favorite thing in this restaurant. Paella Rice seems like a fried rice with orange color, paprika, seafood such as calamary and shrimp...  and the shocking thing contents raisins.

Yes, raisins. And the raisins' sour and sweet taste seems blend well with the palatable rice.

3. Blackcurrant Tea (IDR 18K)

There was no more happiness than Blackcurrant Tea that can be reffiled for FREE.

 The sweetness of blackcurrant was great and it seems like the restaurant did not brew the tea too long. It made the taste of tea less bitter otherwise it was too sweet. I guess they also used too much sugar here. But, it was suitable for refreshing your day.

So yeah, this fantastic feels too pricy for a college student but it is a great restaurant with tasty food at all. :)


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