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Welcome to the Food Truck Party. It's been a while since I update blog. Now, now just like the sign said, it is the biggest Food Truck event of the year. Unfortunately when we arrived, it was in the raining condition. So we couldn't have the perfect experience on this place, but it didn't make us back and did not wanted to try the food in this place. Luckily the atmosphere in here it's also very good, with the fabulous truck that surround this place, make rain didn't matter at all.

The First food we try, it's the Street Ramyun. We were going to that place at first, because it is the first truck that we encounter. I think it's not like a truck, but more like a mini van. With that yellow colour makes it so appealing and makes us wanna try the food too.

The Street Ramyun that we ordered was the Cheese Ramyun, and the Beef ramyun. First from the looks of it, I think It was too plain, there's no uniqueness and it looks just the same as many ramyun. From the taste. First it was feels good, when the cheese melts in my mouth, but after that cheese, the taste become plain again, It's just not enough seasoning in the ramyun. The beef much the same like the cheese, when we eat the beef it's good. After that it becomes plain. 

Next, we order some nachos. From the looks, it was greater compare the ramyun I think. Unfortunately, the taste is just plain and common. The sauce is not too great, and the cheese is too salty. Mix with the nachos, makes it unbearable. 

After a hope of desperation, we found something that really worth it. It's the Rumah Sosis Truck. We finally ordered come Cheese Sausage and the Bratwurst Sausage. It's the best, with the mayo sauce, mix with the sausage. It's good, the cheese not to salty with some mix of the mayo. Makes it so good, I wanted to buy more. 

Last, if you wanted to take a picture in this place. It's good, with the various vintage truck and the mini van makes it good for somebody who wanted to take a photo, but for the food it's not very well organized and not so good. I hope that you enjoy our foodblog. This is based just on our experience. If you still wanted to try it, be my guest. Besides it's only on this December.

Let's crEATe Your Food Adventure With Us


  1. Annyeonghaseo Diary Makan...
    kami selaku management Street Ramyun ingin mengucapkan terima kasih atas kritik dan saran nya...
    semoga ini dapat menjadikan pelayanan kami menjadi lebih baik.
    Gamsahabnida Thank you...

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