I'm just trying to write a blog-post as its my favorite diner.


Here we are, at the Bogor Cafe. 

From the waiter in front, we are being greeted and are being given the service politely. There are two restaurant service that we can choose. First is the Ala Carte service, this the service such like a usual restaurant where we can choose food from menu. 
The second is the Buffet service.

 From the moment i stepped to the restaurant. I always wanted a buffet type because the variety of food in this place, mix with the sundanese culinary taste, always make my saliva drips out. Hehehe, okay let's get to the action  

After we sit down, in our comfortable chair. We decided to look around to find our taste of food, but always remember to eat with the appetizer first.

The Appetizer
We started the food adventure with a bit of fruits and salad first, there's a lot variety of fruits and salads. You can choose it yourself with your own topping. Hmmmm, refreshing....

Main Course
For the main course, Me and Kannethly have a different taste. Kannethly always prefer a japanese class lunch. She decided to eat some japanese buffet. Itadakimasu....

And for me, because I like Sundanese and Javanese food so much. I decided to take a go on the oxtail soup, at first I was hesitated, because it feels so plain, even with the topping on. I still couldn't decide whether it is worthed or not, but as a wise man says. Never judge a book by it's cover, and it was SO GOOD, until i refill it again and again and again. Turns out it was the signature dish on that place, and I didn't realize it earlier. 

For the another main course, I ate a nasi goreng kampoeng, and i love it so much. 

Here's the list for another buffet


For The dessert, I chose an es campur, because it feels so refreshing and so good at this hot day in Jakarta

For Kannehly, she chose a caramel banana, because it taste sweet and she always like sweet things like me, LOL

Last but not least thank you for reading our blog, I hope that you all food lovers, entertained by our post and photos. We only wanted your happiness, because it is the things that will keep us going.

Let's crEATe Your Food Adventure With Us

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