Hello everybody! Hope you well! Today we are gonna out for a picnic at Pique Nique

Located in PX Pavillion, St. Moritz, Puri Indah, Pique Nique is a great place to hanging out with cozy yet cute place.

We were welcomed by the cakes displayed on the display window. For your information, Pique Nique is also a Cake and Bread store.

I really attracted with the cotton candy machine. It seems like we are in the festival, sometimes. The wood ornaments make the place warm even it is located in the Shopping Mall.

Anyone wanna read a book? Unfortunately it just a wallpaper. Hey, but do not worry! The couch is very cozy and comfortable.

I love the napkins. The red-white pattern is great. But yes, the picnic is not complete without the PICNIC BOX

This picnic boxes are spread over the room creating great picnic atmosphere at all.

and yes, our journey begins !

Pasta (Fettucine) Carbonara

that creamy pasta raise my appetite. With colorful Paprika spread, red-green-yellow. the pasta is not over creamy and also it has a balance taste.

Yakiniku Rice

Not just western food, Pique Nique also offers Eastern Food and Indonesian Food. The Yakiniku was sweet yet tempting. But we really dissapointed with the amount of the beef. hiks..

Please be caution for eating this yummy food. It makes an addiction. It seems like we need more.. one is never enough! HAHAHA

Cheese Tofu

As our sidekick,we order Cheese Tofu. The crunchy tofu with cheese melt inside. Something that we cannot resist!

Spinning Oreo

Last but not the least, SPINNING OREO as our refreshment. We really love this smoothies. Reccomended for sweet tooth .

For us, this restaurant is a perfect diner. With cute but great desain that create a cozy place, delicious food and also not-too-expensive price for students, it such a restaurant that worth to be visited.

Let's crEATe Your Food Adventure With Us

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