So in this week, our Campus held a food bazaar and garage sale. There was so many food tenants there such like Bakso Malang, Mie Jogja, Panini, Kebab, Fish & Chips and Macaronni Schotel.

too crowd but seems great :)

We decided to buy some foods there (Of course).

1. Chicken Panini by Win's (IDR 28K) 

Ryan's attention was stealed by Win's Panini Stand.

This panini was made of a baguette cutted into three. Filled with chicken, cheese and mayo. It has a great taste. REALLY! I mean, we love all the crispy-ness of toast bagguete combined with the tastiful chicken. It's different with another Panini that we have been eat before.

2. Fish &Chips by Piccolo Fish &Chip (IDR 25K)

While Ryan waited for his panini, I was attracted by a stand who sold Fish & Chips. My friends bought once and brought up to the class on last day. So, I thought, why didn't I bought this kinda things?

I loved its cup design. Looks nice wih stripped-pattern arround. Well, but it was dissapointed when you realize that the cup was fulled of fries (chips) and onion ring. It just some fish with little size there. I guess, it suitable to use "ONION RINGS & FRIES" with fish rather than Fish & Chips.

3. Crispy Mushroom by Jamur Krekez (Large : IDR 25k)

Who doesn't love crispy mushroom, eh?

It was crispy at all. LITERALLY crispy and made the mushrooms great. But the overpowering of its cheese flavour made the mushroom too salty.

The RUNAWAY Bazaar had done. We are surely missing this kinda food. But hope LSPR Student League will held it again soon :)

Let's crEATe Your Food Adventure With Us

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