So, in our very first edition, we will talk about  Tokyo Belly, a Japanese Restaurant at Mall Grand Indonesia.

At first glance, the Daruma attract my attention. With its big eyes and red-colored body seems show up Japanese culture identity more. So, here we go!

1. Tempura Ramen

Its soup is spicy enough but can be tolerate for people who cannot resist that spicy taste. I guess the cook understood that the tempura will be soggy if it was submerged in the broth.

2. Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

because of my addiction in curry rice,  (and also affected by Chibi Maruko Chan, an anime in late 90s) I decided to order chicken katsu Curry Rice.

The taste of curry was too sweet and sometimes over the rice. But , it seems nic at all. I have no idea why there is an eggplant (Indonesia :Terong) in the curry.

3. Ice cream Sundae

as a dessert, we order two ice cream sundae with two different choices. First, tuti Fruity and secondly a chocolate ice cream.

The ice is not too much sweet yet creamy. It will not make you too full yet not nauseated at all.
For someone who loves sweet treats, you can order chocolate ice cream instead of fruit ice cream.

Tokyo Belly is great for you who loves japanese. Do not worry about the price. They have some promotion such like instagram photo upload, Monday sushi and Kaedama in Wednesday. YEIY!

Jya mata ashita ne!

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