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Today we are going to talk about a restaurant with unique yet fascinating dish. Yes it is, Wmiitem by William Wongso at Kota Kasablanka. Yeiy!

Who loves dessert? These desserts look nice. Moreover, I love this restaurant decoration. Warm yet classy. It's might be that I love wooden decorative. Hmm, and it is a cosy place at all. I love to sit for more than an hour here. Seriously, it's great.

This restaurant is also offering us a great view but unfortunately, it is in the smoking area and we cannot resist smoke.

So yeah, here we sit. In the red comfortable sofa.

What do you think about these foods anyway?

I am surely amaze. It is unique yet great. I often think, what will it taste? so here we go!

Cwie Miietem

this food come up at the first place. I am never find Cwie Mie after my friends (from Malang) moved to Bali a year ago. Cwie Mie is an authentic Noodle from Malang. So, why did not I order one?

It tastes great. Really. The soup itself is rich of seasoning and make a balance taste with the noodle.

Miitem Goreng Jawa

I know so well that this menu made Ryan grinned. He loves Mi Goreng Jawa and always eat this food at a merchants sidewalk so he order one.

This noodle was not too sweet and also has a balance taste. The creamy taste from egg did not make you nauseated.

Miitem with Tuna Rica-rica

We had frowned a while when my friend ordered it. But well, it was becoming the most delicious dish then.

I guess it was spicy and I hate spicy food. But it isn't. It's great. TOTALLY GREAT. Also, the plating looks nice. With big round plate. I love this one. and also, the large portion that he has.

So envy to him hiks :"(

At all, this cosy restaurant is great. Even the window is in the smoking area. :)
Its food nice yet make an addiction. A must try for noodle lovers :)

Also thanks to Foodisme card for the 50k voucher :)

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