So, hey! Last Sunday we are honored to be invited to #COLBYSUNDAY - Blogger Gathering featuring Gorry Gourmet and Foodisme Card. Take place at Colby's Farm outlet, we have a great fun here.

Actually, Colby's farm itself is a non-dairy milk specialist that has been success in their online market and bazaar.

This company was built by four friends who share the same vision to introduce healthy and tasty alternatives to dairy milk. While Gorry Gourmet is a pasta-online-shop and also their sister company. Both of them offer a healthy yet tasty food.

We are welcomed with the Banana Truffle specialy made by Tantri April, one of the Colby's farm co-founder. She is also the one who had the idea about Almond Milk itself.

 It was delicious with no sugar and preservatives added. But unfortunately, the colby's outlet doesn't sell this product. It just a special truffle made for all foodies. (p.s : I really miss the truffle hiks)

After a short-speech, Ms. Tantri create a cooking demo to make a Nana-Ice-Cream with Almond milk and Nutella. We also has a chance to try some and it was nice yet healthy. I never know the healthy thing will be so tasty.

we also introduced with Gorry Gourmet. A pasta that contains only less than 300 calories! And I just can scream and totally happy for this pasta. It has a great taste. I could say it has a strong taste with all fresh ingredients. Not an unsalt one tho'.

We please to enjoy a savory cupcake by Gorry Gourmet. The less calories pasta in the colorful cupcakes cup. Really cute for party and also drink a Black Bean milk by Colby's farm .. YEIY!

Ah ya, speaking of Colby's farm there some products that they sell in their outlets.

  • Ice Milk - Ice nut milk served with 1 topping of your choice
  • Bottle milk - cold nut milk in bottle packaging
  • Smoothies - Mixed fruit and veggies smoothies with nut milk
  • Health shot - Healthy booster served in a 1,5 oz shot

At last, after the gathering, we also have some fun with all guest  here. Some of them are Chandra Chen, Pauline Sudjono, Billy Oscar and the humble chef specialties at Bangka Cuisine, Chef Eddrian Tjhia,  (note : will going to Waha Kitchen after test month soon) Even after all has gone home, we still there to express our narcism LOL

I guess colby's farm is a great things nowadays. With healthy lifestyle but tasty, this is what we seek most.

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