Hello! How's your day? Hopefully great! Today we want to review the legend Comic Cafe in Town, yes, Comic Cafe at Tebet.

Located at a block in Tebet Barat Dalam, Comic Cafe is very crowded every night. Unfortunately, at the afternoon, there's just 3 guest include us tho'.

By the way, this cafe is also has its branch at Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan.

They have 3 place of dining here. First is indoor dining, secondly at outdoor dining and last in the outdoor lounge at Citiscape, 3rd Floor. They said that Citiscape has different menu with indoor cafe. Sadly, the citiscape has not been opened until the evening.

They also has the library at second floor. But because the lack of consumer interest, the libarary was closed a month ago.

With red sofa and superheroes wallpaper around, it has a good ambience of comic. Not just the comic. They also include Manga. The table itself full of manga sketch, comic sketch, and doodle. But because of the time, some of the has been faded.

And here is the outdoor dining. It's really hot here.

And as I told you, the citiscape has not open yet. But, we got some permission to take a photo here.

So yeiy, the citiscape was really hot hot and hawt' ! but it's good for taking the photo here :))

so here is the menu aye! aye!

And yeah, for the menu, we found a lot of menu. Not just a western cuisine, they also provide asian and Indonesian, but we really curious with the western food.

Chicken Steak Pasta

Chicken steak pasta is the one who has been reccomended at the menu. It simply great and unique because I never find pasta with barbeque sauce.

Tuna-Cheese Sandwich

 It's great combination of Tuna and Cheese. The bread was toasted so it has the crunch texture. Contains Tuna, Cheese, Tomatoes and Lettuce, It was refreshing yet creamy.

Overall, we could say that this place was great. even too pricy, but balanced with the decoration. And surely we will come to this cafe someday.

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