From the moment I entered this restaurant. I love it from it's classic japanese style. Totally awesome design. Love it!!! From it's design there's many decoration such as bowl place, many japanese art, and many architecture that shows the beauty of Japan just by looking at it. 

The uniqueness is that there's a chandelier on top this restaurant but, you can still sense of traditional japanese because of it's mixture in color, that perfects it. Makes it an elegant and traditional dining place.

After that we are being seated in the table below the chandelier. Still I found it not too good, because there's a better place just next to it. It is inside some place whose looks more exclusive than these one. This place is unique, you can sense some calmness in this place. There's also a big comic poster besides where I am seated. It tells us about the ramen that we are gonna eat. There's 5 type of noodle from very hard to very soft. There's also something unique way to eat, it is a "Kaedama" style, so you can refill the noodle if you still got some soup in it, it is being charged sadly. It's okay for it charged just IDR 9.000. Two different of comic one is using english and the second using japanese. I'm lucky seated in the english version. :)

Finally we look up at the menu. I must say the price is an expensive, but still it not makes us heartbroken and wanted to try it. I am ordering some Shiromaru Motoaji, it says it is the best ramen that being favourable within this place, then a Hot Steaming Bakuretsu Tofu. Some rice to complete the tofu. Finally the drink is 2 cold ochas for us. 


From it's size it's huge, unexpected huge because the display looks a bit small. Love it for the size. Meanwhile for the taste, it's a bit hmmm plain for me. It's not to brave to exploit it's own richness of taste. You need to pour some soy sauce, some seed oil, and chili oil to perfect it taste. I complete it with a little pepper for some taste. Viola and it's so good that way.


Much like tom yam soup from it's taste. It's sour and it's taste has something different than any tofu, you could also mix it with rice. It must with rice, for it's flavour is so sour but combined with it's sour with rice, makes it perfect.

That's all for today. It's weakness is just on price for me, for it's service not bad, for the place it is totally awesome, for the size it is good also.

Hope you get a reference on what to choose!!

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