Hip Hip Hoorah! Finally there is a Green Tea Cafe near our neighbourhood! Yeiy!

Curious with the flyer that dropped into my house, I finally made a decision for visiting this store.

Located at Citra Garden City 6 on the second floor of Meaters, Matchafuku was attracting us with their big banner and Green Neon Light.

So yeah, we were welcomed by the green carpet and wooden table for outdoor dining area. Seems cheerful but also classic.

When we were opening the door, all staffs welcomed us with "Irasshaimase" (Welcome in Japan) and they pleased us to sit.

We really enjoy the Japanese atmosphere here. With some Japanese musics played softly, the picture of woman uses a kimono and Japanese pattern on the wall. Even the store was not as big as another green tea ice cream store, but It feels really cosy and homy.

So many foods there. and it was not too expensive for a matcha ice cream.

Shiratama Parfait (IDR 25k)

It was catching our eyes because they putted it on the first. It was contained Matcha Ice Cream , Shiratama Balls, Red Bean, Cornflakes and Matcha Kanten.

The soft ice cream taste good even it tasted quite strong but blend well with another components that are sweet.

Matcha Cake Parfait (IDR 29k)

The staff said that this parfait is their signature dish so yeah, why don't we order this one?

 Similar with Shiratama Parfait, it contains Matcha Ice Cream , Shiratama Balls, Red Bean, Cornflakes and Matcha Kanten with Matcha Cake as an addition.

For me, the Matcha Cake's texture is grainy. But I guess, all of the Matcha Ice Cream store is same, so yeah, it is no problem at all (p.s : can you make a Matcha soft cake for me please? LOL)

Chocolate Explosion (IDR 40k)

Matchafuku also offers a chocolate ice cream. As a chocolate lovers, I can't resist for not ordering it. It's contained soft vanilla ice cream, oreo, almond, Choco bomb, two pocky sticks with chocolate syrup and cocoa powder. Taste sweet but refreshing.

I really love its choco bomb. The same ball with Shiratama balls (taste like mochi) with chocolate feeling that melt into your mouth.

It also has a portion for two. :)

Overall, I would like to say that Matchafuku is a great great great store. I'm glad for visiting them and have visited them two or three times after my first visit. Matchafuku can be a great spot for teenagers in West Jakarta to hang out with their friend  and family :)


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  1. wiiiii MATCHAAAA <3<3<3
    must visited place in Jakarta. Love it! Thank you for sharinggggg



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