Here we are the newest ramen in town at PIK. Curious for this place, because it is far from all community food in PIK and it's place was really bit hard to find. Still I couldn't wait to try it, because many people said that this place it's worth a try. So here we are at OHKA place then, lol. 
The moment when I stepped in. Decoration was beautiful, artistic, and classic. Just like the slogan name it's a Classic japanese ramen restaurant, and it really is.

There's also an outdoor room for hang out, but still we prefer on the inside because it is very sunny and we afraid to get burned. :), just kidding but it's really hot that day.

We chose to eat at the table near the window, for it's light are best for us to take a picture. The service are polite and very welcoming to us. I like it so much, we order some tonkotsu ramen and karaage miso ramen. Of course the drinks is always cold ocha, and we used some snack by choosing gyoza.

This ramen is super delicious for it's taste and especially it's size. You know I almost give up eating this by myself, for it's size like the size for eating 3 person at least. Meanwhile the taste was awesome, you will love this ramen so much and I consider this as your one of choice to eat in this place

Best ramen I've ever tasted so far. It's richness in miso, combined with the karage, and also combined with some sauce that you can mix by your own, from the soy sauce to chili sauce. Makes this ramen as a one of the choice to eat in this place. Considering for the huge size as well. Makes me wanna eat it again all the time!!!

GYOZA (IDR 28.000)
Much like the same gyoza that I've eat but still it's great, if you combined this with the ramen, it makes one who have good taste became an awesome taste. 

Afterwords, great place, great food, great service, and amazing food
One weakness for this place is that the place is not too strategic,
That's all from us hope you all get a reference on what to choose!!



  1. wow, murah banget yah ramennya..
    definitely lovin their generous portion!!!
    itu tontkotsu base stocknya ayam atau babi mbak???
    gonna try this a.s.a.p
    Dedy@Dentist Chef

    1. hehehe kemarin saya tanya ke staff nya.. untuk tonkotsu-nya base stocknya babi :))

    2. kebanyang slurrpignya...
      aku pernah bikin tontkotsu ramen from scratch sampe chasunya juga, kuahnya ampe direbus 12 jam n itu smua worthed...


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