Oh, hi!
How's your day? Mine is fun.

By the way, after a long-long-long time (about 2 or 3 years), I visit this restaurant again. It's Tokio Kitchen.

Located at Central Park Mall besides Urban Kitchen, this restaurant is a great place with Japanese street food atmosphere, I feel like in the Shinjuku Street at my visit.

We use a tap-card to buy and pay. So there's no Menu Book here. It's simply just ordering your food to the staff and give your receipt to the waiters.

You also can find a poster and a train map .. and it's kinda cute :)

Any route to go, Captain?

So, let's start to the food.

Tori Chasu Ramen with Miso Soup

With all Tonkotsu Ramen spread and being famous now, I've been missing Miso Soup despite of Tonkotsu Soup. So, yeah, I finally made my decision to order one.

it's simply great taste and still similar with my visit several years ago. With sweet and salty soup, it was a good-combination.

Onigiri with Yakitori

Because today is Ryan's first time here, he made an onigiri as his order. The onigiri was grilled with the Yakitori (Grill Chicken) so it taste crunch but soft inside. The sweet sauce also being a great partner.

But, even the texture of onigiri was great but it's a little bit tasteless.

So yeah, the adventure must be end at the cute colorful VW Combi which is their cashier.

with its Japanese Atmosphere, it was great for you who loves japanese culture. The food taste good and it's simply great for you to hang out with your friends or family.

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