DAIRY QUEEN - KOTA KASABLANKA : DQ Ice Cream Cake featuring Sanrio Launching

So, yeah! On this Valentine's Day we have a food tasting at Dairy Queen Kota Kasablanka regarding their New Product Launching. Yeiy!

Ah, by the way, I guess all of you know Dairy Queen right? Yes, the store that famous with its ice cream calls BLIZZARD that can be served upside down! But, wait, they also have another products. Those products are  waffle, royals, moolate, sundaes, cones, shakes, dilly bar,smoothies, juice, hotdogs and ice cream cake.

and in this valentine's day, DQ launch they new concept of ice cream cake featuring Sanrio Characters. Yes, you can meet Hello Kitty, My Melody, or Badtzmaru as it was on the cake.

they also introduced us another new product that will be launched soon. It is an Ovomaltine Blizzard.

as we know that Ovomaltine is happening nowadays, it seems great for trying it at the first time. And we really love it. We hope they will launch this product soon as We were craving for this more and more!

You might be asked, why the Blizzard can be served upside down? Mr. Julius Evan told us that it was because they put some air pressure and more milk on it so it will not melt quickly. hmhm.. what a hard techique tho'.

Another things we tried was also their hotdog. Their best seller hotdog, triple cheese was a treasure that hidden for us.

This hotdog was tasteful with big sausages hide under the cheese that make us scream of happiness. I guess it suitable for someone who wants on the go meal because its portion was big enough for making us stuffed.

We also have the legendary Ice Cream Cone.

It's also taste good, and the great thing is it was uneasy to melt.

Hm, but that's not the end. We also have a smoothies. As I stated before, they have selling smoothies and this smoothies was great. I was trying a strawberry treasure .

I love its freshness and it was amazing! I mean, It was insanely refreshing.

If you curious with these products, you may visit DQ stores near your house as they have 21 outlets at Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan and Bali. Get yours now.

Happy valentine!



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