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About three months ago, my friends were invited by JKTGo for having a meet up (How lucky they were hiks) and they were having a meet up at Donburi Ichiya.

Finally, we were going to pay out our curiousity. We have to lost way a moment because The St. Moritz that I used to know was PX Pavillion (Hey, there was a 'St. Moritz Penthouse' writing at the front gate, back then. And it is still there, right?) while Donburi Ichiya was located at Lippo Mall Puri (or now I am pronouncing it as 'The New St. Moritz')

So here is the Donburi Ichiya!

At first, I thought that it was a restaurant for they have a menu in a website. (It might be similar with some people, right?) But unfortunately, they are not.

The room was not big but they arrange it well in maximum capacity. (Maybe they used an Integral method?)

They also have the posters sticked in the corridor wall. It cames up with Japanese atmosphere.

 You might be asked why we did not take a "Menu Book" photo as usual. Because it was different. Actually this place was not a regular restaurant. It was a place when you can see the open kitchen and personalized the Rice Bowl.

So here what we have to do:

You can choose either the regular or small one. It different in small amount at its price (Different about 4.5*) but too much different in its size. LOL

So, I prefer to order the regular one.

Secondly, They have four donburi base:  
  • Salmon Aburi Don (R: 45.5 / S : 40.9),
  • Karaage Don (R: 36.3 / S : 31.8),
  •  Yakitori Don (R: 36.3 / s : 31.8), 
  • Gyu Don (R: 45.5 /S : 40.9).

There will be a free sauce for each bowl. You can choose one of the 6 Choices below (and add 4.5 for additional sauce):
  • Garlic Butter, Soy honey, Mayo, Spicy Mayo, Wasabi Mayo, Black Pepper.
At last, you can choose your topping (With additional Charge):
  •  Melted cheese (6.3)
  • Kimchi (7.2)
  • Tamago Yaki (4.5)
  • Onsen Tamago (6.3)
  • Japanese Curry (6.3)
And you can also enjoy your tempura. They served some tempura here. (But there's no Inari hiks)

So, here is what I was ordered.

Yakitori Don + Garlic Butter + Onsen Tamago

Bored with beef and salmon, I choose Yakitori. Besides of its appearance that made me drolling.

By the way, if you asked me, why I order the sauce, I might be can answer it as "because it simply make me curious. I have seen some review of this restaurant and all of them have a photo of a bowl that flame with sort of flame". So when I asked the staff, they simply answer the garlic butter sauce. So, yeah that's the end of my garlic butter story. LOL

Actually I really really curious with a bowl with unboiled egg (something that I've heard really yummy in Japan). Unfortunately, I never found it in Indonesia (Even in a restaurant that also serve rice bowl and has its menu in Japan).

So yeah, even the egg was half boiled, , this rice bowl was so damn delicious. I do not smell any nauseated smell from egg. It was totally nice. Totally damn freaking good and great.

Ebi Tempura (13.6) + Uzura Tempura (7.7)

So these tempura(s) were so tempting and I cannot avoid to take some. I choose Uzura Tempura. A-Three-Puyuh-Egg that fried and Ebi Tempura.

Both of them were the great companion for my rice bowl. Moreover, the ebi tempura was also big. hihihi!

Overall, this restaurant was great. It made a satsisfaction of us. I guess I shall give them a visit next time and try their other menus :)

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