Hello Peeps! I was craving for dimsum and we were going to this restaurant last week. This restaurant was very crowded especially at the lunch time. Luckily, we got here at 2 pm and still got vacant seat, fiuh..

Well, you might be asking why we were going to this restaurant? Simply because its price was cheaper than others. Moreover, they have a dimsum fiesta. 3 selected dimsum will be only Rp. 9.999,- each portion. (That is a wow for us students..)

Last January, the selected menus were Fried Wonton, Loh Mei Kei and Chasiu Pao.

So yeah, one thing for sure, I also love its decoration. Again, it makes me feel like I'm in the Chinatown for a second.

So yeah, here is the menu!

Loh Mei Kei
Most of the people call it as Bacang. It contains glutenous rice with pork and salted egg. Different with bacang, it isn't shaped prism.

Hakau is the best-seller thing in the dimsum world. But unfortunately, the skin is not thin enough make the best part ruined off.

Chasiu Pao
Some fluffy pao will release stress. The taste was sweet yet adorable. But it tasted like regular pao tho'.

Fried Wonton
Last, there is a fried wonton. I love fried wonton and this one was great. The meat inside was tasteful and fabulous through your mouth.

Finally, it was a good place with low cost and good food. Be caution, it will be so crowd at lunch and dinner time. And also,  Maybe if I am going to visit this restaurant, I shall order some lamian, the signature dish here.


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