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Before it was too late, we'd like to share about our experience at Jakarta Culinary Passport. Held at Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 5, this food fair was EXTREMELY CROWDED even we attend this event at Friday! (I cannot imagine how the crowd on weekends)

Taking around the world concept, this event bring us to all foods in the world. They put it into three segments : Antartica, Europe & America and Asia. They also held some seminars and competitions like blogger talks or eating competition.

So, here we go with the food! Yeiy!

Taco Bao

Originally located at Pasar Santa, this Bao was having theit stand here. I love it fluffy and soft buns with full flavour from the meats inside.

I think, I shall visit and buy some if I am going to Pasar Santa again.

And do not worry, they sell Halal Product.


The fusion thingy is a trend nowadays, and Rorupan was simply attract our eyes. We choose Torro Hotdog that contains Black Bun, Sizzling Chicken Teppan, Parmesan Cheese, Sweet Teriyaki and Red Cheese Puree. It's served with Seaweed and fresh Tomatoes.

The taste was blended very well between the freshness of tomatoes and sweetness of teriyaki. Moreover, it also a good combination of Japanese-Western-food.


This Jeju ice cream was also a trend nowadays. These icecream was soft and the corn was crunchy.It's not too sweet but not to plain tho'. Really fit well. Anyway, I love the cute shape of the ice cream.

So yeah! There was many tenants actually, but due some crazy-crowdness, we just can buy these three things. How about your journey at Jakarta Culinary Passport?

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