Hey guys, right now we are in the Liberica Coffee at Pacific Place. It's not so difficult to find for it is located at the level 4 and it's very crowded when we arrived. That is one of the factor we wanted to try this restaurant. Honestly I dislike coffee so much (hehehe no offense coffee lover). Meanwhile the scent of this cafe is much more different than the other. That also makes me so curious to try this.

It is literally crowded when I arrived, until almost no more seats left. The place itself is filled with black theme all over the place. Look how unique is the decoration !! It is filled with some stylish writing and there's also poem too (on the left side door...)

I just wanna grab this bottle and steal it, for I am already so thirsty. lol

Before I even look up at the menu, I was looking at the display and it has a many variety of cakes but sadly I can't get them all, lol. I chose a French Cheese Cake as my appetizer, also a sandwich because I don't want to be very full at that time.

I'm ordering an Ice lemon tea, Iced Cappucino, and a coffee, for the refreshment.


This is like Cheesecake that you always eat, different in the texture and taste, but still a bit same. Very nice for all of you cheesecake lovers...


Meanwhile I really recommended you try this one. This is so delicious. The sandwich is literally crispy and the mayo sauce also complete it. The size is also big and you are gonna be stuffed after eating this. I guarantee..

There you are a full review of the Liberica Coffee. The taste of the food is excellent. It's great, and very appetizing. The place also has a plus point, for we could see how crowded this restaurant are. Unfortunately the service is not so good, maybe because it's so crowded we're not being treated well and the price student like us, is rather high. That's all for today's review. Hope to be a reference for you foodies on what to choose...


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