Nowadays there's always a new restaurant in PIK. Lots and lots of new restaurant is opening in every week. . and have you ever heard of NamNamNoodle Restaurant & Bar?? It's one of the famous restaurant in Singapore and just opened it's branch in Indonesia located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. A Vietnamese based restaurant famous for it's noodle, and we are very glad that we've been invited to this place.

The menu is on the outside too, when you wait you can also view the menu first, by then you will know what to choose if your table is ready. 

Such a beautiful wood. I'm impressed with the interior decoration. So lovely :)

The decoration lamp is perfect and also unique *may I take it to my home, please ??*

Such a beautiful flower. Mind If I grab one?? lol

Okay now let's get down for the snacks first.

Crispy Squid + Fresh Herbs + Green Chillies (IDR 38.000) 
Oh, I love this. The squid is so crispy mix with the fresh herbs will also strengthen the flavour. Meanwhile I didn't try the green chillies for I'm not very fond of spice, but do try it for me cause I'm sure it will also be nice. 

Coconut Shrimp + Paste Sugarcane + Skewer (IDR 35.000)
This is kinda interesting. It is shrimp but with a coconut taste. Unique taste and love the crispyness. *Sadly is just 4 pieces, I want more, hiks*

Crispy Fried Prawn Wonton (IDR 38.000)
Much like any shrimp wonton, but I do love it's different prawn taste. Hmmm.. yummy and crispy :)

Crispy Chicken Wings + Caramelized Roasted Onion-Flavoured Fish Sauce + Sesame Seeds + Pickles (IDR 35.000)
I really love the sauce. It's caramelized and melted to the chicken wings and it's very delicious. Also it comes with the sesame seed. Oh yeah, forgot to say I love the sesame seeds so much. Makes it my one of my recommended list of snack in this restaurant :)

Crispy Fried Banana + Sesame Seeds + Coconut Sauce (IDR 28.000)
Banana is one of the fruit I like, but because of the seeds and it's crispy makes it more loveable, the sauce is also unique. A coconut sauce and a crispy banana?? A perfect combination, hehehe :)  Do try that, for you will definitely love the taste.

Sauted Lemongrass Beef + Cream Cheese + Beef Floss (IDR 58.000)
I didn't like this so much, for the restaurant is major specialized in a Vietnamese food. Then when it comes to western type food, I don't like the taste. Not my first recommendation on this place, but if you wanted to try this, do have a try. :)

Now we going to the main course, and of course it is a noodle

Pho Wagyu Beef Slices (IDR 130.000)
Served in a medium rare beef and it is one of the best Vietnamese noodle I have ever tasted. The taste of it's beef feels melted right into my mouth. I also consider adding a topping wagyu for more tasteful noodle. The portion is also very large. For me this portion is for two people, but maybe it's different for you guys.

Softshell Crab Noodle Soup (IDR 110.000)
This noodle have a softshell crab inside it, the crab has a soft texture that can melt in your mouth. I also like the tofu as well, it mixed perfectly with the noodle and some tomato to strengthen the flavour. Consist with some tofu, tomato, bean sprouts, and chopped herb makes it more perfect you know. :)

That's all for today's review. I think this restaurant is enjoyable for you all noodle and vietnamese based-food lover. It has a good place, good ambience, unique decoration, and an excellent taste of food. You should try it :)

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