So, today, we are exploring my neighborhood and find this yellowish place that actually make us curious like "What's on this restaurant?"

from its name, we know it is a japanese restaurant. Located besides,Heritaste and Nasi Ulam, it's yellow banner and signage simply eye catching.

It's decoration was too cute with japanese atmosphere. Full of yellow-light and wooden floor.

The cutest part is the figurine there. Unluckily, there's a customer so we cannot take the photo closely. It's also decorate with some cute chibi wood-painting (you name it) on the wall.

So let's start the menu!

Chicken Teriyaki Don
Specially made with teriyaki sauce and sweet corn make you feel addicted. The miso soup was great accompanion so far. :)

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice
Ah.. who doesn't love its cuteness? It was really cute with panda and curry. Actually this curry rice is a trend nowadays. The curry was mild. Not too strong and I love it so much (because I love a mild taste maybe)
A must try thing, I guess

So yeah that's it! Overall this restaurant was unique decoration with delicious food. Even there's no one knows or just less of people know this place because this restaurant doesn't have any social media so far. But I love this restaurant and surely will come back soon.

Cheers !!

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