Here we are now in the famous PATBINGSOO.

Got invitation from Seorae about their new sister company, we really curious about how it will be going.

Actually,  PAT is the shaved ice in the top meanwhile the BINGSOO is the topping below the ice cream. Hmm... seems so yummy.

Located above Seorae but in the upper level. It's simply eye catching with the neon glowing. The concept was filled with korean subway decoration. Many korean languange fills this place but I still didn't know about this languange even after watching korean drama LOL

The minus point is the place is very small while the demand is so high. 

There's a unique bench across when I enter this room, because that entrance is fills with some flower and there's a unique bench, for it's pattern has some zigzag, but it is very cute and interesting for me. I think it is for a waiting bench, or a decoration?? I have no idea, lol

Now, let's check out for the menu. You know what?? The drawing on the menu looks ridiculously amazing.. for it shapes just like a train line. Very interesting, and I asked the waitress to order, for the Bibim Patbingsoo and a Chungmuro Patbingsoo as our second one.


There we are, the Patbingsoo's arrived after waiting not so very long. the texture is similar like ice cream in the bowl, with some green tea, red beans, and some cornflakes to finish it. Uniquely there's a way to eat this. It is by pouring some condensed milk in the top of it. for the taste will me mixed with some sweet of the milk. hehehhe... can't wait to try this



Much the same like the Chungmuro, on how to eat it. You must mix it, with some strawberry sauce (as the gojhuang sauce maybe) lol, but, there's an interesting texture to this ice cream. It is really similar to bibimbap, but the texture is filled with a fruit and the egg is the ice cream itself. Very yummy indeed... It is very recommended if you come to this place!!

Anyway it's very good and excellent ice cream for us (I meant there's no other ice cream that must be poured before being eat, very unique yet makes us satisified especially for the foodblogger, hehehe...). The service is also great I meant when we wanted to change seats to get some light for the photo they politely offered us a seat and for me it is one of the best ice cream in the town. And yeah, I also hope that they will also open at PIK Branch (for it closer to my home than Alam Sutera, man it's so far....)

And that's all for now, hope it will be a reference for you on what to choose.


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