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Right now we are reviewing the Shirayuki at PIK. Now, I know that it is not as trending as it was first opened, but still... it's unfortunate if this restautant is not being reviewed. For this restaurant has lots to offer, and one thing I like is that they always Up-to-Date with the current event. Such as christmas and Valentines day.

The insides of this restaurant is filled with something unique. Much like a photo of some celebrity in the chain link who is being called "Wire of Fame", hehehe... so cute.

Also you can see the decoration is filled with some japanese structure style. Some sake maybe and a japanese doll, jar, and so on. The pattern and the theme itself consist of wood. Feels like in japanese endo style.

One of the thing I like is the ice cream always comes up with unique variant texture. All in uniqueness of it's structure. Some is cute other is brilliant. I must say that is why it is one of the best ice cream in town.

MANIC MATCHA w/ Matcha Ice Cream ( IDR 40.000)
I'm curious about this Ice cream, for it has a balls that decorated it. Soon I eat it and it's delicious but I didn't like the jelly one, it's not very delicious for me.

Next, it's the Shiratama Maccha Parfait. It consist of Shiratama Mochi, Cornflakes, Ogura Coffee Jelly, Crystal Jelly, Biscuit and Maccha soft cream. It is delicious.. I recommended this ice cream to all of you ice cream lovers. For the price is not so expensive and it will makes you stuffed.

I'm also ordering the Kanten Series, Honestly there are a unique way to eat it, You need to filter noodle type and mix it with the sauce. It is delicious and also refreshing...

I ordered this because the glass seems so small, in fact it is big and huge. For I was almost stuffed eating this ice cream. Anyway, it's great and the decoration makes it more adorable. lol...

Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti
I also ordered the Spagheti, but I'm not very recommending this type of food actually, for it's not as delicious as the ice cream

When I went to this restaurant on Christmas there's a unique ice cream that I've tried which is filled with some Canta and an Ice cream with some cone inside it. It's perfect and it was very cute. So perfect that I almost didn't want to eat it.. (silly me, but it is so cute)

This Valentine's Day they offering another variant ice cream called "Doki Doki Sweets". it's a red velvet cake, that patterns a heart shaped being shot by a cupid arrow. A rose that unexpectedly filled with a cheese. Also it has some matcha to poured at top of it, makes it the most unique ice cream and cake to eat.

P.S :
The only thing that I dislike is the service. There's a woman hmmm.. maybe around 30-40. You could see the difference from her than any staff. She's wearing an eyeglasses

She is really and very annoying to us.

First, we wanted to change seats, for we need more lights to take the picture. Yet what did she said to us?? That the seat is for 4-5 persons, okay we accepted it, but then there's another person sitting in that seat, WITH ONLY 2 PERSON. Like this:

Our foods hadn't come and we decided to move to other seats that just left by a group of customer.
Ryan : Excuse me, would you mind if we are moving there, because the light intensity was too low here.
Annoying waitress :( come to our seat) sorry, but this seat is for 4-5 people.
Ryan : Alright.

And two guess coming, sit at that seat, while there's many seat capable for two people. LOL

Second, when we ordered some food, we accidentaly wanted to reorder it or should I say cancel and change product. We are being attended by also this woman, and what did she said?? That she has already asked to the chef and they couldn't cancel it bla bla bla.... You know I'm curious about it and asked the staff upstair by myself... You know what did he said, He said there's no order for cancel. That means, she didn't asked to the chef, she's just lying to us that it couldn't be cancel. For if you cancel it, the waitress will said to the chef, and they will noted it, but there's no order for cancel.

The third, is when we want to order something it is absolutely obvious that the waitress points out the recommendation. Yet she's not giving some recommendation, she is just writing the recommendation on our order. It makes us so mad, for when we wanted to order, we are being interrupted by her, like this illustration...
Waitress : "so you ordering this one (the reccomendation)???
Ryan : "No, we ordering this one (what we wanted to order).
Waitress : "You meant this one (The reccomendation)??
Ryan : "No, this one please (What we wanted to order).
It goes on and on,

it just like "What the !" Are you chasing your target or what?

or like this:

Waitress : So, a matcha parfait and a salmon cream soup and mineral water for two.
Me (Kannethly) : Oh, is that a compliment? (thought that this restaurant has a similarity with Ragusa who gives a free mineral water)
 Waitress : No, but I guess you will get thirst if you just eat the ice cream.
Me (Kannethly) : But we do not need it.
Waitress : I bet you will, so with two mineral water, or one?
 Ryan : None of them.
Waitress : Are you sure?
Ryan : Of course.
Waitress : But let me order you a bottle of mineral water perhaps you want it.
Me (Kannethly) : (Frustrated) Alright, let me order a cold ocha, please. (And Ryan glares furiously at me)
Waitress : So, one cold ocha and one mineral water.
Me (Kannethly) : No, just one cold ocha without mineral water.
Waitress : But your boyfriend also need a drink right?

And we just want to slap her on her face!

Luckily, at our last visit (when we ordered Doki Doki), she wasn't the one who served us and just messed up with the seat changing (1st Case). LOL

And also, there is someone,with a grey (or brown) uniform appeared when we ordered the Doki Doki Sweets. He has a good (maybe the best) service. Hope this annoying waitress can learn from him. LOL

That's all for today.
Hope it will be your reference on what to choose!!

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