Hello! Last valentine was a great day ever! And yes, we really glad to share it with you! Hehehe..

So, in this valentine, Ryan asked me to have a valentine's meal at T.G.I.Fridays, Lippo Mall Puri. Actually, this restaurant has been famous around South Jakarta but lately, this restaurant was newly open in West Jakarta Area. And one of the owner are Ashraf and BCL Sinclair. Wew..! So, why didn't we try some?

The Baloons shaped a heart welcomed us at the entrance door and the waitress on the podium welcoming us and choosed a seat for us.

As we entered the restaurant, we found the signature of this dining place. Wooden with red leather. Classy and lovely. With some doodle at their window glasses regarding valentine's day. A cute atmosphere, right?

There's also a bar and outdoor dining for you who are smoking. I guess it will be romantic at night. hmm..

I also love their table decoration. With cupid and baloon hanging on the lamp. This Restaurant really well prepared for the valentine's day! What a lovely place.

I guess they might be asking why both of us were taking photos of all of their restaurant side. Hahahaha

After satisfied with our photos, we were back to our seat and  another waitress came to our table and handed us two menu books. So let's eat!

Tuna Avocado Crisp (IDR 79.900)
Blackened fresh tuna slices, tortilla chips, guacamole, cilantro, jalapenos, Sriracha, Cucumber, Carrots and Lemon Basil Vinaigrette

As an appetizer, we choosed this menu. It might be because I was craving of Tuna and I guess it will be great. I love there's no stench or anything at its tuna. It was superb!


Fridays Three For All (IDR 159.900)
Loaded Potato Skin, Fried Mozarella, Buffalo Wings

The next appetizer that must to be ordered is this BIG PORTION of their favorite Appetizers. Consisted of Loaded Potato Skins with Beef Bits, Fried Mozarella, and Spicy Buffalo Wings, this trio was showed up at one plate altogether.  Completed with sour cream, marinara, and Blue Cheese Sauce, this appetizer was awesomely great.

While we were on enjoying, the waitress got at our table to explain about this three different sauces. any type of food has it matching for it's sauce. She told us that the potato loaded skin will be great with sour cream while Fried Mozarella great for partnered with marinara sauce otherwise the buffalo wings and blue cheese will be good combination.

but still no matter everyone has it's own taste of sauce *like using the chili sauce, in Indonesia if you don't use chili sauce it's like not indonesian way right? lol*. Otherwise any type of this has a delicious and tasty.

Jack Daniel's Chicken (IDR 99.900)  
Chicken Breasts served with vegetables, Cheddar Cheese Mashed Potato and Jack Daniel's sauce

When the waitress reccomended it, we shout a surprise scream like : Jack Daniel's is an alcohol drink. Isn't it?

This food was unique. Like, an ordinary steak used Barbeque, Black pepper or Mushroom sauce but this Chicken steak used a sweet lovely sauce.

Jack Daniel's Burger - Ultimate (IDR 109.900 / adds IDR 40.000 for being ultimate)
Burger with crispy beef bacon, Monterey Jack Cheese, and Patty - Served with Fries
(Ultimate will get Extra Onion Ring and Patty)

My dad has been going to the T.G.I.Fridays Kemang and reccomend me this burger, but we never know that there's an ultimate version. So we can upgrade this burger into double patty burger. Hmm.. So interesting, tho'

So here's the thing, this is my favourite main course if you go to this place. For it is literally veryyyy delicious. First thing first, you can order it  by two variant. One is just a Jack Daniels burger, second is Jack Daniel's burger ultimate version, it has a crispy onion ring, and very huge burger. MY GOD, I really freaking love it (pardon my words for it is so delicious).

Begin by pouring the jack daniels sauce at the top. I guarantee that melting sauce dripping will make you droll... After that begin to cut it into two parts. If you can finish it by one person then goddamit your belly is more stronger than obelix (hehehehe....just kidding all right).

Meanwhile for us it is much more sweeter in this valentine to share *uhuyyy*, It is consisted of some bacon, french fries, and also four onion rings.

And also, at the end of our fun meal, one of waiter give us a card. We must to write a love quote or
whatever about your lover. Oh, it feels perfect.

Overall I like this restaurant so much. It has a magnificent ambience, lots of decoration on the love theme and also the sofa is very cozy and comforting. The service is also amazing, you are being greeted very nicely when entering and also we have a meal in fun way here! Thanks for making my  valentine's day great and unforgettable!


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