Right now we are gonna reviewing a restaurant at Grand Indonesia, The Manhattan Fish Market...
This place looks so good with all the lights, and the decoration seems like a way. I like it from the theme actually..

Here you can see some broadway decoration, filled with some light decoration. So unique and cute 

Some newspaper is also provided for all of you readers..

Here you can see some decoration, like some random picture hanging in the wall, actually it looks good and very stylish yet vintage from my perspective.

Some quote to make your day (or it isn't?? I don't know...)

let's get to the menu, I am ordering some a pack of seafood, I kinda like it by the way...

Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter (IDR 229k) 
First we choose this flaming seafood platter. I have no idea what they put FLAME on the menu. But wow! It is one of the unique seafood I've ever seen..

Here they are, with some blowtorch to makes it interesting. It uses the blowtorch for makes the raw seafood to cooked in a matter of second. Very interesting, and it is yummy indeed,. For 3-4 persons you should try this. The shrimp is what I like the most, it is very delicious, like a lobster..

Cajun Chicken Marinara (IDR 69k) 
Next, I ordered some spaghetti, for my next menu. it is not so recommended but still I like it. It is delicious but not so tasty as my first order..

Overall the service was good, and also the place. But I guess, we cannot go to this place everyday due to the high price. Hiks

That's all for today, hope you like it and be a reference on what to choose..

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