What do you think about Thailand? Elephant? Cabaret? Fashion? Food?

Thailand has their authentic taste that makes your tongue dances and it was really worth to try!

Last Friday, Diarymakan visited Ying Thai, the most hip Thailand Restaurant nowadays. Actually, this was our third visit and yes this blog was our collection after three times visit. Yeiy!

When we entered the room, you can easily smell a relaxing aromatheraphy. The interior seems great with it the art painting in the wall and wooden floor.

It's got a two part, the outer part and the inner part. Outer is more with the natural light, if you need to snap some photo with some natural light to suppot you. It's better you choose this section in the morning.

Meanwhile if it's already night I will prefer in the inner section for that section has some classy dining place and a good ambience for you food lovers.

They always put a vase of flower in every table. It was really cute tho'.

So, are you ready for the menu?

1. Pud Thai

Pud Thai is a must if you were going to Thailand Restaurant, right?

Contained with Pud (Small Kway Teow), with egg, vegetables, dried shrimps, and meat fry with a sour-sweet sauce. It make us drool when came to our table.

By the way, you can change the meat into Chicken, Beef, Pork or Seafood too! So it also suitable for people who has a preference of Halal food.

Actually it also hot and spicy but due to our weakness of spicy, we decided for ordering the no-spicy one.

By the way, you can also add the lemon for making it more sour.

2. Tom Yum Soup

Thailand's famous soup is also on this restaurant. Yes, Tom Yum Soup. We also ordered a non-spicy one, by the way.

They have two size. Regular for 2-3 portions while Large was for 4-5 portions.

It was refreshing and has the balance taste of sour, (a little) spicy, sweet and salt. I could not describe how it feels for it was too perfect.

Oh ya! You can also choose the meat. At our first visit, we choose pork while at another, we choose seafood.

3. Yum Woon Sen

  A Warm Salad of Minced Chicken, Seafood, Vermicelli, Spring Onion and Chilli.

Actually it taste good but the Vermicelli was too sticky. We didn't know what happen anyway.

4. Pork Knuckle

 Here is the new menu of this restaurant and also our favorite.The pork knuckle!

Contain with the crispy pork knucle with a sweet salt sour sauce. Actually, I did not get interest with the sauce but well, it's might be worth a try so I was trying once at it was amazing!

5. Ox Tongue Grapow

This menu sometimes famous as Gyu Tan Don. As its name, we knew that it was an ox tongue rice.

The ox tongue was sliced thinly and combined with well cooked rice.

They also put some of chilli there. Do not worry, you can put it aside or make a non spicy order to the waiter.

There's also two versions. First is with egg and second is no egg. At our first visit, we just ordered this ox tongue grapow without egg but at our last visit we ordered it with egg.

Both of them were nice. But I prefer with egg one because it will be more tasteful.

6. Pud Gratiam Prik Thai

This is another thing about meat. Even though it wasn't as seen as the menu. But it was good. I love it saltiness. But it just salty and no one else. Hiks

7.   Thai ice tea

Something that shouldn't be missed at Thailand Restaurant. A Thai Ice Tea.

This authentic Thai Ice Tea was really great! I found a balance taste of tea and milk here. It simply live up my gloomy day.

By the way, we have some kinda problem. At our first visit, we had already cancelled our order of Kao Plao (Rice) and changed it into Ox Tongue Grapow. But unfortunately, it still on bill. We didn't check it twice so yeah, we paid for it. But we guessed there's okay because it just a rice for 10k.

At our last visit yesterday, we ordered Gai Hor Bai Toey (Chicken wrapped in Pandan), but because of the waiter said that it was still empty, we choose Pork knuckle as the substitute. We also cancel the Kao Plao because it was too many.

In this visit, we check our bill and we found the kao plao that has been canceled still on the bill. After we spoke to the waiter, the waiter changed it, we paid, and leaved.

But guess what? In our way home, we checked it again and found Gai Hor Bai Toey (for 45k ++) was on our bill. It such like "What the..."

Yeah, it such like a terrible thing. We hope that this incident will not be happen to other customers.

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