So here we are at newly open store at Pantai Indah Kapuk, BC's cone. We were wondering what BC stands for but whatever, let us having fun and share it with you.

Oh ya, luckily they have a soft opening promotion name Pay as You Like. So, we can eat anything and pay as we like. This promotion valid until March 14, 2015. So, be hurry!

At their first day, I guess it was so crowd and damn ridiculous hot. It was not too spacious but seems comfortable.

They also have sort of mural arts in the wall that make us going crazy.

As you can see in its name, they serve ice cream in cone. With its tagline: The Artology of soft Ice Cream, they made it really artsy.

They have six flavours so far : vanilla, macha, nutella, strawberry candy, cream soda and taro. Unfortunately, due their crazy massive crowd, it just macha and strawberry candy left.

From the cone you can choose three different colours. Black Charcoal, Red Roses, and Blue Bubble Gum.. :) and if you ask me, it's not the flavour name *I'm gonna die if I eat some charcoal*

The topping is called As Gold as You, maybe because it is a caramel popcorn, and combine with gold sprinkle and caramel injectiom. While the other thing is Shibuya or What that contains Kitkat Greentea, Red Bean Paste, and mochi.

So here we are with our creation of Green Tea Ice Cream.

The green tea was good but not milky enough. I don't know what happen but we also cannot find the natural taste. But it still good enough for me. :)

And another thing is Strawberry Candy Ice Cream

The Strawberry Candy was sweet. I barely taste the sour of strawberry. Fiuh! We were actually wondering why the taste was sweet until we realized the menu stated candy.

They also have the parfait!

Rockey Hockey become my favorite as chocolate lovers. Contain a ferero rocher, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake, Fruity Pebbles and Milo Powder, this menu made my day a lot.

But for you who doesn't love chocolate, Lick it Loops could be your favorites. With strawberry injection, mochi and fresh strawberries (also sprinkles), it also made some refreshment of the sunny day!

Thankyou for reading this post!
we hope you enjoy this weekly program before it ends and hopefully this ice cream house can be a great store like others.

Have a nice day, peeps!


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