Hello guys! Today we would like to share our experience with this chewy brownies. Yes, A brownies made by lovely Michelle's Home Bakery.

as my family is from Bandung, it really a must to us for know about how to make brownies. In my Family, brownies is being a-must-have-cake during sort of celebration day such as Chinese New Year, or Christmas, etc. So yeah, brownies is actually my expertise so far.

Brownies is actually has a soft texture and when you eat it, it will be deflated. But this brownies was too way different.

I love their innovative of the brownies. As I have stated in the title, it was chewy.

The texture was crispy and cruchy and also dense but it is not tough to bite. You can take one slice and press it upside down. It wasn't easy deflated.

The chocolate are also has a strong taste. I guess it was a milk chocolate for the taste was not bitter but not as sweet til make you nauseated.

For its price, I guess it is reasonable. They just have 26x16 cm pan for IDR 150.000. You can find them in Pasar Santa on Saturday and Sunday at 14.00 til sold out.

They also provide home delivery everyday and you can contact them on 081808220444 or their ig @michelleshomebakery :)

Thankyou for this sweet treats, Michelle's Home Bakery.

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