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Right now, we are gonna review Kiyadon Sushi at Pacific Place. This restaurant is already opened long enough in Jakarta, but I guess this is the right time to review this restaurant. 

This restaurant consist of 3 type of seats. First one is just a normal seat, the second one is the seat that be in front of moving sushi. This is essence for those of you who like to grab sushi and eat it immediately

The third one is the seat where you need to take off your shoes. I more prefer this type of seat, for it can be much relaxing for those of you who don't need to hurry.

Per portion is not just one but you get around six of it. It is delicious and crispy, I like it so much. The freshness of this shrimp has makes my day.

It's a must to dip it into the tempura sauce for if you didn't dip it you are gonna be sorry for your entire life. hehehe.... just kidding maybe an eternal life??

This roll It's filled with an unagi inside it, and on top of it is filled with some kind of sashimi. The taste is is delicious but you can mix it with some ginger and some soy sauce to make it more delicious (I love ginger so much, it makes my body and my day warm)

Do you know soba?? For any of you who doesn't know soba. It is a black noodle who originated from Japan (at least that's what I know of, sorry if I'm mistaken lol). When I'm boarding a japanese plane. Usually I've being served with this food, but with the cold one. The one I ate is the hot one, different in temperature same in the taste. For it's so delicious but I more prefer the cold soba for It's more refreshing and more delicious than this one.

For all of you sushi lover, you need to order this ASAP. Why?? First the portion is for around 3-4 person. and It is literally delicious. Second the design is so perfect makes the sushi is more photogenic than me. Finally, the taste of the sauce is very delicious it is sweet and salty at the same time. You need to eat it with the sauce, it is on the side of the plate. I promise it will make your day..

Final review, the service was good, the portion is also good enough. It has a great and delicious taste with comfort place. But unfortunately, the price was so high for us college student. Hiks

That's all for today, hope to be a reference on what to choose.

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