Hello! How do you do? Today, we’d like to share you about OpenRice Gathering on February 2015.

So, actually, OpenRice always has their gathering every month and for this February, they held it at Mbok’ku Restaurant-Kelapa Gading.

Mbok’ku Restaurant is a rebranding restaurant of Dapur Mbok’ku. A restaurant that had a specialities in East Javanese food. They redecorated their restaurant and I guess it is so cute.

Not just about decorations, they have something more. Regarding their new-face, they also give some new foods that has been introduce to us with Duck as their new specialities.

As we know that Duck is cannot be handed by wrong person. It could be smelly yet tough. But let’s see how it is going.

So here is the new menu that would be eaten by us.

Mbok’ku Authentic Noodle with Peking Duck (Mie Bebek Peking Otentik Mbok’ku) – 24*

I love its name. I mean, a-u-t-h-e-n-t-i-c.  Like it was full of spices of secret original recipe or someting else. But unfortunately, I found something different.

I found the noodle was tasteless. I did not know what happened.  Might be because I have eaten another foods with strong taste? I had no idea.

The duck was great and tender.

Peking Duck with Sambal Hijau (Bebek Peking Sambal Ijo) – 29*

For you spicy lovers, it could be a worth of try.

The ‘Sambal ijo’ was spicy and really good for spicy lovers. It also become a good combination with the duck. But for you who doesn’t love spicy, do not worry, they separated the ‘sambal’

Also, I love the tendernesss of its duck. It was soft but also has the crunchy and crispy skin.

Penyet Chicken with ‘Sambal Ijo’ (Ayam Penyet Sambal Ijo) – 18.5*

The Chicken was not-so-bad. It simply like another Indonesian-Fried-Chicken in General. For the Sambal itself, it was spicy and yet make you scream like a dragon.

Peking Duck with Padang Sauce (Bebek Peking Saus Padang) – 25*

I did not know how to describe this dish.

Actually it was not so much spicy and hot like others ‘sambal’ did, but there’s something different.

In my mind, there will be a duck (boneless or with bone) that stir-fry with sauce.  But well, I think I was not eating the duck but sort of flour or anything. I cannot feel the ‘Duck’. Oh baby, it simply ruined my appetite.

I guess the menu could be “Duck Meatball wih Padang Sauce” or “Flour Meatball with Padang Sauce”.

Simply dissapointed.

Stir Fry Peking Duck (Oseng-oseng Bebek Peking) – 30*

Nah, this is it! I guess I am in love with this dish.

Contain duck that has been cutted and stir fry in spices. I think this dish was reaaalllyyy great!

Even it was too spicy and sometimes could make another dish tasteless.

Oxtail Fried Rice (NasiGoreng Buntut) – 64,5*

I can jump when I see the price. It was so expensive.

They served the fried rice in a way that unsual. The fried rice was yellow. I can taste the turmeric there. I think I eat Yellow Rice instead of Fried Rice. The different is, it was oily.

The Oxtail was great. But some people said that it was big in bone, less in meat. Fiuh.

Duck Yamien (Yamien Bebek) – 24*

A noodle again! And I guess this Yamien was better. It was almost same with the Authentic Noodle with Duck but they blend the Noodle with Soy Sauce. So it more tasteful than The Authentic one.

Es Pencit (Pencit Ice) - 19*

In Javanese,Pencit means Green Mango (Mangga Muda). It has a refreshment through the sunny and hot day. I guess I will be so much falling in love into it.

Es Tape Bule - 19*

Another dessert!

This is a creation of this restaurant. Combine two of Indonesian Traditional Food, Tapai (Peuyeum) and Cendol. It was really great for you who love sweets.

Overall, their new menu are not so bad but maybe they need some improvement so they can do better to serve their new consumers.

 And yeah, I also a little bit disappointed of the PEKING DUCK name.

As we know, Peking Duck is a duck with its crisp and thin skin and it was wrapped in sort of Pancake Roll. It was also roasted. but in this restaurant, it just like a DUCK. No, there's no Peking Duck.

Maybe the Peking means the Duck name was Peking? LOL

And also thankyou OpenRice for Inviting us.

Have a nice day Peeps!

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