Hi Hi Hello! Holiday has been over for us but who cares? Let's have some fun!

So, today we would like to try a now-happening-hamburg-restaurant at PIK. Located exactly besides Cake A Boo and Seorae, this restaurant is also catch our attention with its mural art and homy design.

As we predicted, it was so crowd. We must to wait to be seated but it wouldn't be a long time.

The place is not too spacious but as I said before, it was homy and warm. They separated it into two section, the kitchen at the left side and dining room at the other side.

They also have the  second floor, by the way. But it has not opened yet.

So, here we are with the menu that has been recommended by some fellow foodies.

1. Demi Glace Omurice (68*)

Omurice actually means omellete rice. With omu and raisu being contractions of the words omelette and rice. This menu is consisting of an omelette made with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup. As an otaku, I've known well that the rice actually also fried with ketchup.

But this dish is totally different. Despite of the ketchup, they use curry sauce on it. It makes sort of sensation of curry rice and omelete rice (which is fried with ketchup).

The sweet of curry and sour of rice blend well. They are too contrary ( I knew), but it is really good tho'.

2. Hamburg Gratin

Here we are with the main menu and bestseller one, Hamburg Gratin. As its name is MOTTOMOO : HAMBURG HOUSE, we impatiently want to try and taste it.

The Hamburg is really nice and superb. The ground beef is well and the mozarella cheese really makes my day. They also have the spaghetti under the beef. It is not al dente and overcooked but still have a good taste overall.

At all, my lunch at Mottomoo si really great today. As today is my first day of college, I hope this term will be great like this meal.


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  1. On behalf of Mottomoo's team, we would like to thank you for your post and reviews of our food. We are happy that our food is to your liking and we appreciate your effort to blog about us. We wish you a great beginning and new adventure at your new college and have fun! We look forward for your many next visits to Mottomoo. Cheers....


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