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Today we have sort of indonesian food review here. Here is Padang Kitchen.

This newly open Padang Kitchen was located at Greenville BL no 2, besides Little Ubud. Actually this Padang Restaurant was a restaurant name Padang Express back then.

So, yeah... today we have a food tasting here. The design was different with another regular padang restaurant. With mirror in the wall and comfy chairs.

They served us all of Padang menu as I thought such as Gulai, satay, rendang and many more. But their speciality is Ayam Pop Goreng.

Different with others, this restaurant serves Fresh and Newly fried Ayam Goreng. It has a bold taste and rich flavour. I bet this is why the chicken becomes their best seller.

Gulai is also the-must-to-eat at Padang Restaurant. For me, who doesn't love spicy, the gulai was great. I can handle it well. While maybe for some people, it was not hot and spicy enough.

Next thing is satay. Satay Padang is different with another satay. They have the yellowish sauce. The satay is also nice. As I stated before, it doesn't hurt my tongue for the sauce wasn't spicy and hot.

Last.. we have rendang. Who didn't excited to taste the number 1 delicious food on the earth.
They have a good sauce and taste but the beef wasn't tender enough. It was difficult to eat and munch.

So far, this restaurant was great and I love it. The have unique ambiance and good food. I recommended their ayam goreng pop for your visit there.


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