So happy today, to get an invitation by the Paradise Inn about their launching of the new menu. If you often going to the chinese restaurant. You will know about this restaurant well. We were so excited about it, since we're not very often going to chinese restaurant lately *so sorry*. 

Anyway it's located near the Gramedia and besides the Pizza Hut also just below the food court. It's just near the escalator so you couldn't miss it by any chance.

The ambience is very calm in here *especially with some tea to complete it*, I love it, for it takes more family theme on this restaurant visible with the wood based chair that mainly looks traditionally comfortable, also with the comfy sofa to complete it makes it perfect either for couple and family.

I more curious about the decoration. The wall is attached with some claypot on above the sofa *I mostly afraid if it gets loose and falls on your head when you sitting in the sofa, hehehe*, but it wouldn't be a problem for it's so sticky and also maybe it has been nailed to the wall. 

I love how they express their brand by marking every single one of the cup and the bowl *I didn't look at the chopstick but I think it also has the brand name*. It's a very lovely concept and of course it's so instagenic to be photographed. The cup and plate also has a very similar tone to the place, it's based on a brown and black color to make it like it has some wood and traditional chinese concept on it's restaurant.

The Lily tea is also have a unique grip around it. It based on a plastic wood, so it will not conducting any heat to the grip. Makes people who used it, won't get burnt up for pouring to another people.


Okay *Jeng, jeng, jeng*. Here is the part that you've been waiting for. It's all the new menu for the paradise inn, except for the Hotplate Tofu, since it is their signature dish. They chose not to change it with something else. I agreed for not changing it because it's so delicious, and it's one of the main dish that I loved so much for this place.


When I look at it, I almost thought it's like a katsu rather than ribs. It's appereance not like what I thought on my mind, but like wise man said, don't judge the book by it's cover. Because I didn't expect the taste will be so lovely. It's taste between a combination of sweet and savour.


One word, Crispy. So crispy I almost feels like eating a Kerupuk and a crackers and how lovely the prawn wrapped inside it. The coating is perfect and it's well cooked. It's delicious and you can combined it with some mayo sauce.


Believe me, this a should try menu. I love its taste as it was not too spicy but also sweet. The taste blend very well and it is really lovely. A really perfect companion for rice, tho'.


Lovely taste. So loving the taste of the roasted duck, it's a bit of salt yet savour and also sweet. The portion is also large, you could eat it with 2-3 approx. person. Especially when you eat it in a cold rainy days, for it will warm up your body. Combined it with some tea, I believe this combination will soothe your mind so you could relax and not stressed out.


One of our favorite. A prawn that cook with their special sauce. This signature dish of Paradise Inn is really great. I love the sensation and how


So here we go with the best seller of Paradise Inn, Hotplate tofu.The Tofu are soft and melt into your mouth while the sauce really blend well :)

So far, I love the ambience of this restaurant and also their new foods. We hope the best for you and your new menu!  And also, if you really curious with this restaurant, you may come to this restaurant and taste their new menu

 Have a great day.

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