Yesterday we got an invitation at the restaurant PongMe Kemang. Owned by Nirina Zubir and Ernest, It's an honor getting to this restaurant for the food tasting event.

When I read it the fisrt time, I was confused because I only know the one whose on Gunawarman. The Gunawarman place is much older than this place. So we got a little bit stranded getting here, but finally we reached the place.

The uniqueness of this place is about the pingpong table. Not just pingpong table but there's also an arcade machine, dart games, and a bar. I really love the ambience, I love how they can manipulate the natural light for making the room more photogenic for us to shot, yet not making us fried in the room :) There's two floors, each one of them is completed with the pingpong table, and an arcade games.

Okay now let's get to the menu, but first we are going to start with the appetizer :)

Prawn Thai Roll
One of the word I will talk about is the "Perfectness of the Prawn". Many of the dish that I ate was with the prawn, and I really love it. The perfectness of it makes me craving for more.

Calamari Ring
The Calamari Fries has got some unique cripsy taste around it. It's definitely a well-cooked fries with a simple presentation but a delicious taste. Just the way I like it :)

Gamberi Pizza
Getting to the main course now. Earlier I say about the word that will always I mention in this review. It's litteraly the best seafood pizza I've ever taste. The prawn is well cooked, perfect, and you can feel it's like a lobster. Very delicious, and very recommended main course when in here.

Summery Baramundi
It's a fried fish with some decoration to complete it. A perfect presentation, very well cooked and so tasty. I almost feel it's taste much like salmon.

Seafood Risotto
A pasta who mainly based on scallops, and a rice. I love it too, it's a unique italian cuisine, and I'm sure if you get undercooked on whether the scallops or the rice. It will get some bad taste for it, but in this one it's so tasty. Forgot to tell they also included some prawn in it's rice, and like I said it's so perfect delicious :)

Green Tea Brullee
Getting to the desert now. When I tasted it, the texture it's so soft and it's very creamy. It's softness is very delicious, and you can felt it melting inside your mouth. Lovely dessert, recommended for this  

The bannofea is very refreshing and tasty. It's also have a good presentation and very photogenic to shot.

Nutella Banana Crepes
You can combine the Nutella Banana Crepes with the Vanilla Ice Cream to mix it for some lovely taste. So refreshing for ending the set :)

I love the place so much. Very unique place and excellent ambience on the inside, and it's affordable too, for only IDR 150.000. You could get 1 set of Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert. Recommended to come in here if you get to the Kemang...

Stay tune for our next adventure :)

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