Hey guys, in this Saturday we are going to the Publik Markette. Located in Grand Indonesia and you can find it a bit hard the first time, because the place is a little bit exclusive than any restaurant in Grand Indonesia but still if you could manage it, it's definitely worth a try.

Very much love the concept. For you can either using self-service or you can also order up what's on the menu..

The place has some classy tone inside of it. Feels like you are in the market *but a classy one, lol*

This is where you can order up some of the menu. You need to bring the stick with the number on to get the order, otherwise you couldn't order anything from the counter.

So hungry !!! I wanna grab them all !! Hiks....

The salmon skin is so crispy !!! Definitely want to eat more of them. Meanwhile the taste is also fresh, and it's so juicy. Love it so much. You can combine it with some rice to make it taste more awesome..

PORK BELLY (IDR 155.000)
You can either choose between the miso salmon or the pork belly, because both of them literally taste so crispy, juicy, and delicious. Meanwhile the side dish that I prefer for Pork Belly is the sweet potato, but you could combine it with some sweet roasted corn. It's also good you know... 

A chicken but tastier than any fast food chicken *of course it iss....*. Combined it with the sweet potato to make it more delicious or you can combined it with some rice. Nonetheless both are an excellent choice for this chicken...

Hmm... Overall this restaurant is a high recommendation for all of you who prefer going to the classy place. It is comfortable, the food it's very good (I meant very excellent, lol). The portion is enough for me, but the price is very expensive for us students. 

Okay, That's all for now.. Hope it will be your reference on what to choose..

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