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This time we are gonna reviewing the restaurant that has been famous in Bandung and now has open some chain link in Jakarta. Yes it is the Richeese Factory, famous for it cheese and always cheese concept. 

The place was great, especially the logo (lol indeed Mr. Richeese) and it has many seats vacant. So I should say it's perfect for when you decided to go with your family (you could take another table's seat if they don't mind).

The theme of this restaurant is verycute, many cheesy colour surround this place. Majority it has red and yellow colour, for it is their brand major colour. For ordering food is much the same like any fast food restaurant for we need to order upfront in the cashier and so on (yeah you know the regulation right, much like KFC)

Bulgogi - 60*
It is so good, the fact that it is mix within cheese makes it more good (as you all know that we got a discount for 50% for this menu, and we are so damn excited about it, lol). It is a combination between Fire Chicken Wings and a rice with a cheese sauce as their specialty. The flavour of the cheese is melting inside the chicken, and that what makes it so memorable. Also it comes up with some drinks. super great !!

Fire Chicken - 30*
It's like some chicken fast food restaurant, but when it mixed with the cheese. Makes it more delicious. Really crave it for more. For it spicyness is not so good enough. I recommend you eat this with pouring the cheese on top of it. For when you tear it's chicken skin, it's gonna melt right through the skin (like Mr. Bondan says "manyoess").

Overall I love this place, it's very spacy, the theme of the restaurant is cute and also inspiring. For the food is actually great and creative. The problem is the cheese is not so thick and that makes you must pour it on top of it. For if you just dip is not going to last long.

Finally (as you are going to be tired hearing this ) Hopefully this is going to be reference for you on what to choose and cheers !!


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