Today we are going to Mall Puri Indah. Because of we were dreaming of a Sushi, we decided to visit this store (As Ryan never visit it before). So here we are at Sushi Kiosk.

Located at Ground Floor (Across Bread life and Wakai Store), this store is actually a little bit abandoned for all restaurant is at 1st floor or at 2nd floor. Actually it was a sushi store made by Sushi Tei, a famous Sushi Restaurant that you might have already known well. But it was too different.

As you can see (and as it states in its name), they are kiosk. So its place is not as big as restaurant. It was decorated as the Sushi Market than a restaurant. You can take your shopping cart, and take your own choice sushi.

They have a lot of choices by the way. And also they have two type sushi: Cold Sushi and Hot Sushi. And if you think that you are confuse to choose their yum sushi, I suggest you to order their Sushi Set. LOL

Oh ya, by the way, you can also find snacks like Shoyuemi or Nori and also Ice Cream. Hmm.

So here we go with our choices!

Himawari Sushi Set

Actually in Japanese, Himawari means Sunflower but I dunno what makes this Sushi Set called as Himawari. But I do not care. It was actually yummy and tasty.

This Himawari Sushi set was a sushi set with  cold sushi. And it contents:
  • Inari : sushi rice that stuffed in Aburagu Tofu Skin/Pouches
  •  Salmon Roll : A sushi Rice with fresh salmon on it
  • Tamago Sushi : A sushi with egg roll and nori
  • Stamina Roll : Chicken and cashew nut that roll together with rice
 So yeah, my favorite was still salmon roll. LOL.

Bake Salmon Mentai

As its name, I guess all of you known that it is a hot sushi.

This sushi was a sushi roll type with salmon that has been baked. The salmon melted into your mouth perfectly. Love it!

Overall, I love all of them. This Sushi Kiosk was great with also affordable price. Surely will come sometimes.

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