Hey Guys just wanted to share something with you about my experience...

Right now weather is so unpredictable. I almost has a heart attack when it was so sunny yesterday, and suddenly it started raining from nowhere. Meanwhile because of the heavy rain we are stucked, for it raining with lots of wind. I almost couldn't see what's on the front, even I use my car and have a headlight on . We didn't know where to go, luckily we accidentaly found a restaurant that is quite interesting. It's right next on the Factory Bistro and Bar Restaurant and it's on the apartment St. Moritz. It is the Trattoria Cucina Italiana Restaurant.

How I love the ambience and design of this restaurant. It consist of two floors, and the thing that I like the most is they using more natural light rather than lamp light. Second they have a unique decoration and many places to shot an instagenic photo. Also because we wanted some space for us in taking some photo (Just think of the customer reaction, when I shot some photo by getting on the chair). We decided to go upstair, for it's better view, and in that time it was more quiet than in the first floor.

They also has some outdoor places with smoking tray in it, but be my guest if you wanted to enjoy the lovely sunny day at 34 degrees hot.

As I said earlier the decoration is very lovely. Like this flower, it has very good color and even in the rain it makes my mood becomes cheerful at once.

Okay now, let's get down to the menu

Oh yeah forgot to mention. Every Trattoria will also gives you a free compliment of bread, and a appetizer top with some slice of tomato. The one that I mostly like is the long crispy one, you can combine it with some pasta so it will be a cracker on it. You could also refill it anytime you like and as many as you like. *Fun, right... :)*

They will also give you two choices of sauce, one is vinegar and the other is olive oil. My god.. how I love the olive oil. They gave you 1 bottle for each of it, so you could use it as many as you want with that with that sauce.

Now to the main course part. We are having some Aglio Olio Spagheti for todays' lunch, combined with some olive oil and cracker for the top of it *yummy..*.

The French Fries is a bit same to any french fries, but because it have many sauce on the table. So you can create the taste on your own. I mix the french fries with some ketchup sauce and a little bit of olive oil, and I really love it. Sometimes I just mix it with the pasta to make it more crunchy and as an alternative for a rice.

That's all my *curhat* of the day, hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers and have a nice day :)

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