Holaaa, right now we are craving some ramen and accidentally find a ramen place in the Greenville, yes it's Tsurukamedou, have you heard of it?? Much like all Greenville restaurant, it is so difficult to park (phew.... it takes a lot of hardwork to find one you know...) anyway yet still, we manage to find one and eat in this restaurant.

The design of this restaurant is so unique. I meant is there another place that have an outer design like this?? It is literally stone with a name engraved in it, with a kanji (man... I need to learn some more japanese I think....) 

The interior looks nice, the wood and the natural light makes it good for all foodblogger who comes to this place.

Much like Tonkotsu ramen but it's really have a light tone. I more prefer the tonkotsu one, for the tonkotsu much have stronger taste than this ramen. It's a little bit tasteless for it doesn't have any special sauce that supports it

Not very like it, for the pork it's not very salty or has the "porkness" taste in it. A bit tasteless, and i prefer to mix it in the ramen soup. For it will have more taste, than when you eat it by itself.

Overall the place was great, it is so bright makes the food more beautiful to be shoot. It is also unique from the design, but the food is not too great. It still have a sense of tasteless in it. I think it needs some special sauce to supports the taste otherwise it is not so good for us.
That's all for today hope you have a reference on what to choose


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