Hello from us!

As our college life is begin to start, we really miss sort of things in our daily life. One of them is visiting this mall. LOL

So basically, I was curious with this restaurant for many of my friends have reccomended it to us. Located at Kota Kasablanka 1st Floor (Besides Black Canyon Coffee), this restaurant was really eye catching and easy to find.

They have two rooms. Non-smoking room and smoking room. Because of our need-of-light, we choose the smoking room instead of Non smoking one. They also play some Japanese music and for you who loves Japanese Culture might be familiar.

So yeah, we choose some menus that have been recommended to us.

1. Okonomiyaki (Regular for 39k, Salmon & Seafood 49k, Unagi 69k)

Okonomiyaki is on my list. As it is also a famous snack in Japan, I think it will be great if we try some. Especially the "Katsu Bushi", it's the topping on top of all okonomiyaki, the brown one. It taste savory and I love it.

Their okonomiyaki is thick but crisp. I love the texture. It isn't full of veggies but we can also taste the "egg" and they also include slices meat.

2. Original Modanyaki ( Reguler 30k, Large 40k)

The second thing in our to order list is Modanyaki. It was contained Yaki Soba (Fried Noodle), with Omelete above it and also melted mozarella cheese. As cheese is their specialties, it was a pleasure to taste it and it was really nice.

I never imagine how cheese and noodle get along well but this dish prove me. LOL

3. Mushroom Mozaru With Butter Rice and Dynamite Sauce (Regular 55k, Large 75k)

at last! The hero is now showing up! Meet their specialities and our favorite food of the day : Mushroom Mozaru.

They have two choices of rice :Butter Rice and Curry Rice and some choices of sauces.

I have tried once a baked rice with mozarella cheese at a restaurant that made me feel nauseated and I do (swear for) not eat that kind of thing anymore. But I must to admit that I cannot resist for this delicious dish.

Their mozarella didn't make me nauseated but addicted. I love it combination. Maybe it because their butter rice and sauce.

The dynamite sauce is a sweet-spicy sauce but it really make a good combination with the baked rice. While the butter rice make a balancy of salt. So basically, the rice was not tasteless.

Oh yeah. By the way, in their regulation, they also give us free Ocha so do not hesitate to ask them.

I guess this restaurant was great and surely I shall visit them sometimes to have another order ( As I still have sort of recommended menu that must to order)

Have a nice day

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