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Right now we are in Bornga Restaurant located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. It is so huge, and I love it's design for it have a huge window to get more light on the food. For it will makes the food become more appetizing to be shot. There is some funny story in here, when I was capturing the interior of the restaurant I was been asked what am I doing by a korean waitress (I think she is the owner but I don't know). I'm confused, such to say that I've never been questioned for taking a photo. For usually people will always know that I'm a foodblogger. Otherwise I explained to them that I'm a foodblogger, giving them one of the restaurant that I've been reviewed in our website and luckily they let us pass without taking our camera or makes us delete our photo (actually it's okay if they wanted to delete our photo, but thank you for understanding us... ).  

That huge window is a must for foodblogger. The natural light will be so great, that's why I love it.

The long pipe above the table is for sucking the smoke from the grilled food.

The first thing that they will served is a vegetable. LOTS of vegetable. It's going to fill your table until it doesn't have any space left.

For me the ocha was really great, it has some unique taste in it. Better and more different than any ocha I've ever taste

If you craving something warm then this is the one for you. For it has anything you desire inside, the vegetable and also the meat is hot and delicious

Beef combined with some soup, delicious but the beef has more bones than the meat inside it. So my suggestion is better if you add some more meat

This meat it's sweet and it is more better if you eat it without the sauce. For me the sauce will ruin the taste, so I prefer more without the sauce. It's a bit salty too, so you will like it to eat this with some rice.

Some grilled mushroom to make my day...

The signature dish in this place, but my god it is so expensive you know.. The taste hmm.. not quite good and delicious I think. The sauce is not so good either. The sauce on the table is not so tasty either, sometimes I eat it without the sauce because for me it's better without it.

The one thing that I like is the Iced coffee, it is a complimentary in this restaurant, and it taste refreshing.

Overall. I really like the place, the place is so comforting and also with the huge window, it's make very good for the foodblogger who come in here to enjoy taking the photo, but the taste is not so good, the portion is also small, also the price it is very expensive. For going in here approximately cost around IDR 350.000 per two people (according to Zomato) and it really is.

Hope you get some reference from us on what restaurant to choose..

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