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Today after class, we decide to visit a dimsum store at PIK that (actually) has been reviewed by some food blogger and highly recommended to us. Yes, a dimsum place call Dimsum 48.

Located besides Ahmad Dhani's Masterpiece, this place is actually eye catching with  the "48" sign in front of their store. Although, we really curious what 48 stands for. Is it the same as AKB48 *eh?*

So yeah, because we visited them at 10.30, there's still not much visitor. And for our brunch, here is what we picked!

1. Char Siew Pao - IDR 28.8k

What's on your mind if someone tell you about Pao? Steamed bun with soft and fluffy skin. Yes, but this is too way different.

Their Pao skin is crisp and had a really unique taste inside it. It isn't hard and tough to eat, also it's enjoyable because of the char siew inside it.

2. Prawn Fried Wonton - IDR 28.8k

Fried wonton always be our favorite dish. I love their wonton. *Especially if you mix it with some mayo sauce, hmmm... so lovely dish*

They give the prawn generously so you do not just eat the spring roll skin. Different than others, its filling is also tasteful yet savory.

3. Salted Egg Yolk Pao - IDR 25.8k

I love to order this menu in every single Dimsum Place. As the fluffy buns serve, I barely hold myself for not eating them.

They have a good taste, it isn't too sweet and still soft. I do not smell any stench from the egg. But unfortunately, they are not generous enough to give the filling. So the taste of egg is not as dominant as the pao itself.

Overall, today is the good brunch and this place is worth to try.

Dimsum 48 Signature
Rukan Gold Coast blok B no 28-29
Pantai Indah Kapuk 

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