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Today we are being invited by OPENRICE to one of the most famous ice cream in the world, and you will know it for sure. The Haagen Dazs has already many store scattered around in Jakarta, but we are being invited to the one whose located on Senayan City. A pretty bit far from my home in fact, but still curiosity conquering me for accepting this invitation.

When I arrived, many people had already came in and sat down listening to somewhat that I didn't understand. The truth is they were having some of presentation about Haagen Dazs and Illy Coffee Partnership. For your information, Haagen Dazs has been partnership with Illy Coffee for many times. Not just in Indonesia, this partnership is valid around the world.

Basically, in this event, they would like to introduce us their new menus of coffee.

The coffee itself is being make right on the spot, but I do like to capture it personally, there's so much people in there trying to take a photos, and it's so sweaty. I really don't like the ambience so much, therefore after they finished their job. I quickly grab that drink and just captured it by myself. After the demo usually the waiters serve us with some samples about the product that they create earlier.

So here is the menu!

Cookies & Cream Espresso - IDR 60k
Blended cookies & Cream ice cream accompanied by a cup of double espresso and mini scoops of ice cream

Here is our first drink that served. Unfortunately, it is hot and not as refreshing as the looks tho'. I hope there will be a cold one. Hiks.

For the taste itself, I cannot find the cookies & Cream flavor on it. Maybe because the espresso was too strong. hiks

Iced Cafe Latte - IDR 26k
A cold treat of an espresso coffee mixed with frothy milk

It is really refreshing but unfortunately, we have gastric problem, it made us cannot enjoy it well. For me, the taste is good but bitter. (we do not like bitter thingy so yeah, maybe it was not suitable for us)

Tiramisu Coffee
A simple homemade coffee mix Haagen-Dazs

 Here is our favorite of the day (even it was not for sale)

I love the sweetness and freshness. Even it was contained caffein, it was really really great. I cannot handle to ask some. Sadly, I cannot get some more because it has been depleated.

Mocha Dreamland - IDR 60K
Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream mixedwith an espresso and coffee jelly served with two scoops of ice cream on top

So here is the menu that has been existed at Haagen Dazs. Even the espresso was too strong, I must admit that they putted the balance with the ice cream.

Caramel Ice Cream with Brownies

Here is the thing that I really love the most. Ice cream. Finally we got some. After my stomach was fighting with sort of espresso, I finally meet ice cream. It surely great to close my day.

Overall, I cannot giving the score well for both of us have gastric problem and could not drink caffein. hiks..

Oh ya, by the way, we just want to suggest some thing to OpenRice :

- when we arrived, we were *confused*. For many people were in that place, until the aircon couldn't sustain it.
- it was literally different than any food tasting that we ever came. For always 1 person gets one product, for the food tasting event
- What are in your mind hearing haagen dazs? Ice cream, isn't it? We really thought that this event was all about ice cream meanwhile it's all about coffee. They should have told us or remind us, maybe it's also our fault because when we looked up at the poster, there's a sign for "coffee lover". 

But still, we really want to say thank you for your kindness. Hope to see you at the next event.

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