Le Signature, Ruang Santai, Klasik dan Minimalis

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Yesterday, we were going to a Fine Dining Concept Restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk name Le Signature. Located behind Bun Ong Restaurant and far from the crowded-pantai-indah-kapuk-main-street (you name it!), you may not find it easily. But for sure, this quite circumstance really support for a fine dining yet classy concept.

There's also some text in front of their restaurant. It was from some bloggers that had visited this restaurant before.

As, I stated before, CLASSY - the one-word that describe all things in this restaurant. I almost dropped my jaws when I walked in and see their interior design, wine glasses in every table and pitch black wall supported with yellow lamp.

They have two levels and their second level is also pretty much similar with their first. Am I in the Cinderella's movie right now? Please wake me up! Hahahaha

Le Signature has so many variety menus. You may order it separately as ala carte or in set.

Also, if you are planning to have a dinner with your boyfriend/girlfriend, just contact them and they will prepare a set of menu for you and your couple. You may customize your dish for three, four or five dishes.

So yesterday, we got our five dishes set menu and here what we got!

(Free) welcoming bread 

Cream Corn Soup - Soup of The Day  (48*)

They have so many soups but this soup that was served to us was really great. This corn soup was really sweet for the it was made from the real corn! Also, the corn taste really blended well with the cream itself.

Tiger Prawns, Eggplant & Toasted Crostini (68*)

This delicious tapas was out a moment after we finished our soup.

The toasted baguette with eggplant, tiger prawn and tomato-salsa taste create this dish as a great crostini. I never ate eggplant before. Because eggplant have a mushy texture that seems horrible to eat. But this dish was totally different.

I did not taste any mushy-eggplant but a crispy one. Their prawn was also fresh and didn't smell fishy. The tomato with salsa spices make it all balance. I could say that this dish is our favorite!

Wild truffles, Risotto & Parmesan Ruskuit (88*)

Risotto is something usual in Pasta and some people could not cook the risoto al-dente. But, I must to say that their Risotto was perfect. It was not undercooked. The cream was not make us nauseated also the salty Parmesan Ruskuit make it nice.

Talk about the Parmesan Ruskuit, it was a grated parmesan cheese that baked to make a crispy chip. Yes, 100% original grated parmesan cheese.  It would be great if we can take some home LOL

Chicken Roll with Pomodoro Rosemary Sauce on Rosti Bed (128*)

So here is our course! As this is also their new dish, we really excited to try!

Their chicken roll was using chicken breast so it really suitable for you who are in diet program. They also served their homemade Rosti Bed to give you a complete carbohydrate in the dish. Rosti bed is a grated potato that was baked. It gave us a crispy texture tho'.

This chicken roll was accompanied with Pomodoro (Basic Tomato) sauce that infused with Rosemary Sauce.

Fondant au chocolat with ice cream (68*)

Now we are on dessert. Our dessert were actually a lava cake with vanilla ice cream. As, I am a chocolate lover, I really excited to have this.

Their lava cake was really great. It melted perfectly even we did take some photos before eat. Their taste was also not too sweet so we were not feel satiate after eat so many dishes before.

At all, this restaurant is really recommended for you who want to have a fine-luxury-yet-classy dining with affordable price. their position really good for quite atmospher and also we really love their classy interior. No doubt for food as they are the 2nd Runner Up Best Eureopean Restaurant on 2014 in Jakarta.


Le Signature
Ruko Cordoba blok H no 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

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