Hello! How do you do? Hope to be well. Today we would like to introduce you the new dessert house in town. Please welcome, PUNGOPANG! Located at D'Llyst Upstair, you may find their big red banner out of the building.

Maybe you will raise your eyebrow and ask "Pungopang?"

Pungopang is actually a Korean Languange. Pungo means fish while Pang means bread. So, yeah, basically it same will Korean-version of Taiyaki Parfait. Yeiy!

When we entered this store for the first time, I was amazed by the decoration. They use Ship and Beach as it was in harbour. So, lovely. Hey, but how about the food? Let's check it out!

Dark Choco PungoPang (38*)
Soft served dark Chocolate Ice Cream with fish-shaped waffle

So here is their signature dish, PungoPang. As chocolate is my favorite, I'd like to choose Dark Choco as my order.

It's dark chocolate was not too sweet and it is really a dark chocolate. Its waffle also crispy but still got the softness.

Horlicks PungoPang (38*)
Soft served Horlicks ice cream with Fish shaped waffle

Have you ever heard or tried Horlicks? If not, you must to try one. It is a new thing for us to try for we never heard it before.

Horlicks is actually a malt drink from Singapore and its taste is so unique. Really a recommended menu for you guys

Greentea Coconut Island (45*)
soft served green tea ice cream with shaved ice, nata de coco and Pudding - served in the coconut shell

You may have found the Thailand Coconut Ice Cream but surely never find this unique ice cream one.

Different with thailand Coconut ice cream, this dessert comes with soft served ice cream and shaved ice.  Sort of a creative way, tho.

Nak-Cha Parfait (37*)
green tea parfait

Searching for some parfait. Do not worry! They also have one.

As we know that green tea is from Japan and all people who sell green tea use some kind of "japanese name", this restaurant came up wih Korean so we really curious about how its taste.

Their green tea was great. It is nearly perfect. The have a good sweetness and the milk  that was contained there (Usually, most of Greentea ice cream taste a little bitter)

Chocovo Parfait (37*)
Chocolate with ovomaltine Parfait

As its name, chocovo is contain chocolate and ovomaltine. The chocolate (as I stated before) still doesn't too sweet anda little bit bitter. It isn't make you nauseated at all.

Green tea Fondue (78*)
Green tea Fondue with marshmallow, crispy crunch, brownies, cookies and fruit

Calling all green tea lovers, this menu is highly recommended!

with its big portion, it is contain with many choices that you could choose and share with your friends. Good food, Good Friends, Good life, right?

Melon (Honeydew)-bingsoo (68*)

Do not get it wrong. This melon bingsoo is really a MELON. I mean, this bingsoo are not just a shaved ice with ice cream and honeydew topping but also served in the honeydew itself.

Again with its portion ,you may share it with two or three people.

Their honeydew also sweet and really got match with all of the components there. I hope they still maintain their quality to be better

So, what are you waiting for? Let's have a good dessert with your friends and your family here.

Ruko Crown Golf Boulevard
Blok B bo 57-58
Pantai Indah Kapuk

instagram: @pungopang

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