Hello Sir and Madam! LOL

Today we are at TWG Tea Cafe. It must be not strange in your ear, right? Well, we visited this Tea Shop yesterday at Pacific Place due my curiousity.

Decorate with kinda royale palace thingy, it was really glamorous and shiny. Ryan said that this TWG was famous of their many type of teas. You can see it from the shelf behind the cashier. And it proves at their menu.

They also have the main course menu and because of it was a breakfast, we choose our breakfast menu.

Our breakfast menu is New York Set. Here what’s on New York Set.

Egg Benedict With Salmon

Egg Benedict is the most happening nowadays and we really curious to try.

I love its combination of egg and pastry. It was blend well. The salmon was also good even we barely can taste the salmon. Hiks.

Jade Temple Tea

The Waiter said it was a relaxing tea. The tea based was Green Tea and it combined with sunflower.

I guess it was totally great and relaxing.

(additional) Crystal Queen Tea
Aha! This is my lovely one. Based with black tea and combined with blackcurrant. Sort of happiness to try once.

So far, this cafe was great for having a breakfast, even it was too pricy for college students, I guess we can visit it sometimes when it is payday. HAHAHA. But surely, it has an excellent service (for majority of their guesses are foreigner)

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