How do you do? Today we have a chance to taste the signature dishes of Typology Jakarta.

Located at Jalan Wijaya (Near Pasar Santa), Typology is a restaurant that has a workspace and eatery concept at one time. Also, a coffee shop in another hand. I can say that this restaurant really cozy for me (as college student) to do some work and maybe great for some people to have a meeting.

The design was also unique and catchy. You may find books, typewriter, and the giant scrabble in the wall. also with cute colour of chair and simple table with beautiful flower.

So, how about the dishes? Here what we have tried!

Medio Fried Oreo (32*)
Fried Oreo Powdered with Chocolate Powder

Bored with regular Oreo? Try this great dish, Medio Fried Oreo.

This dish was really attract us. With crunchy yet sweet oreo inside, it will make you feel like heaven  Oreo lovers, please note this menu! LOL

Marlett Creamy Macaroni (38*)
Baked Macaroni topped smoked beef, sausages, mushroom, creamy sauce and melted cheese

Pasta lovers?

Here their recommended menu, Marlet Creamy Macaroni. I love its cream and also the macaroni was really al dente. But what matter was the taste wasn't strong enough. Maybe we must to mix it well before eat?

Hobo Oxtan Rice (68*)
Ox tongues teriyaki served with steamed rice

Ox-tongue become a hits food nowadays and Typology is also serving us Ox Tongue

The different was its ox tongue not cutted into thin slice but a little bit like a steak-cuts. They also use a sweet teriyaki sauce instead of spicy.

Its taste? It was really nice. They got the tenderness perfectly and also the sauce made it greater. I love their strong taste so much.

Peach Berry Smoothies (38*)

Peach berry Smoothies is the best fruit smoothies I ever know. Because it balanced the food well and did not make me nauseated. I've ever tried another smoothies once and it was really creamy, but well, Typology's was not. It was really fresh and yum!

Choco Cocoa Smoothies (38*)

The choco cocoa could be your choice when you are getting here. Again, it wasn't too sweet and did not make nauseated at all. I love the chocolate blend and I guess there's an oreo inside. Hihihi..

So far, Typology is a great and unique concept restaurant with good and affordable price (for students) to eat and work.

Jl. Wijaya 1 no 5C
Sun-thu 10am-11pm
Fri - Sat 10am-00am

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