One Word... Unique

Nowadays, japanese food is like "mushroom-ing" around the Indonesian food culture. Many japanese food such as sushi, ramen, don *like Gyutan-don, Don-buri* has affected many restaurant to give something unique to it's taste, service, and cooking. One of the most unique restaurant I must say is Kazan Ramen.

It's way to cook ramen is the one which makes it unique than the others ramen in the town. For it needs some kind of Volcano thing and that's why they call it Kazan (means Volcano)

Here it is... This is what I'm talking about earlier, the ramen must be put inside that Volcano thing, and the brown jug besides it, is the miso soup for pouring it. It's very funny you know, by the way the instruction is already on the menu but you could still ask for the assistance of the waitress if you didn't know how to do it on the first time *might as well get help from the waitress, because it's really hot when you touch it*

After waiting for the time (the time is in the hourglass, if you didn't notice it). You need to pour it again, and again, and again..... Until it becomes full, and boiling. That's when you eat it

The taste is nice, the miso taste is very exquisite. It much like combination of savour and a bit salty (if you combined it with some soy, wow it taste so good... You need to try it). Unique taste, and unique way to serve us.

That's all for today, hope you guys get a reference on what to choose,
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Have a happy day and a Cheerful day :)

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