EAT JAKARTA (EATJKT) is an event that held by Qraved annualy for 30 days. They gather 100 Restaurants (Yes a-hundred) to participate. This year is their second year and luckily, we got a chance to experience this fabulous event in this year (as we haven't focus on food bloggin' last year).

Wilshire is one of the restaurant that participates in this event. They have 2 set menu for this event so far (but you may still order the regular menu). It was actually relocated to Collete & Lola 2nd Floor. So this adorable and cute cake store could be your benchmark road.

I could say that I love its environment. It really suitable for you to have a dinner with your love one or just chillin' out with some friends. I love the chandeliers and the table set. All of its decoration is creating a classy environment.

Besides of enjoying our set menu, we also get a compliment and extra menu from Wilshire. yeiy!

So what it is? Check it out!

Sesame Chicken Salad

Here is one of their Set Menu, Sesame Chicken Salad.

Honestly, I rarely use sesame as my dressing so, I have no comparison at all. But I could say that this salad was great. The chicken was tender but a little bit unsalted. Luckily, the dressing help well.


Another fusion food come to our table and this is a BURRITO. But wait! it isn't a regular burrito. This burrito was filled with a-nasi-goreng-gila-topping such as sausage, egg and chicken with soy sauce.

So maybe we should call it Burrito-gila? *Joke

But seriously, it is so tasty like a crazy. love the new idea of this dish and also how they actually execute this brilliant food.

Duck Confit with Waffle and Egg

Another dish ahead. One of our friends said that actually this dish is a-now-famous-dish in England and yeah, why don't we try some?

The duck a little bit tough but it has a crispy skin and not smelly. Another thing that we really love is the sunny side up and waffle.

Garlic Udon with  Prawn

I do believe that most of people know udon wtih soup. But how about udon that stir-fry with garlic? Yes! Garlic!

I love the seasoning, it isn't too salty and overpower. They also cook the udon well. and I love their idea of fusioning or yeah, you name it!

Garlic Noodles with Prawn

It's taste is actually a little bit similar with Garlic Udon as it has the same seasoning. The difference was just in Udon and Noodle.

They use small-thin-straight noodle rather than the curly one. I could say that this choice was great.

Braised Ox Tongue

I have no idea what its name but they have a braised-pork-belly with similar serving, I think it will be the same thing (will change the name if we have discovered the official name of this menu)

It contained ox tongue with corn and half boiled egg.

As the oxtongue a.k.a Gyu Tan is famous nowadays, we really curious to try some. I could say that this dish was nice. The Gyu Tan have a thin slice so it isn't tough and I can easily cheweing it.

Slow cooked 55 Degree Wagyu Bowl in Hot Stone

Simply look like the-braised-ox-tongue but with rice and yes, it is a wagyu!

The wagyu was juicy even some of it were a little bit tough to chew. It also have a good seasoning. Even the rice is a little bit unsalted after you taste the beef but the savory of the-half-boiled egg that mix into the rice (we love to mix it rather than just eat it separately) could give this rice help.

Chocolate soil with Carrot Cake

The dessert! Achocolate soil with carrot cake. I love the chocolate even it was not as sweet as I
thought, but still it taste nice.

Earl Grey Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee was really great for ended up our dining. The earl grey taste boldly as we eat this dessert. But the minus point is, the caramel that really hard to break. I do not know what happen but it really tough.

So far, our dining experience through Eat Jakarta 2015 at Wilshire was great. you may enjoy this set menu and event until 14th June 2015. You may check the list of Restaurants that participate in Eat Jakarta at www.eatjakarta.org

Enjoy your meal! Cheers!


Jl. Senopati no 64
(2nd Floor of Collete & Lola)

opening hours  
Mon - Thu 11:00 - 23:00
 Fri - Sun 11:00 - 01:00

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