Kemang is a hip place since my childhood (probably), but I enjoy to go here since age of 13.What I really amaze is about this place never die.  I mean, nowadays, there's too many hip place to hang out. Call it, PIK or Senopati or yeah, you name it. But still, many people come here to chill out with friends and also, EAT!

Last day, we have a chance to visit one of another restaurant in this lovely area. It is Cuadrilla! You might be find an Italian Restaurant, or Spanish one or Greek one. But this restaurant is serving you three of them in a row.

The place was not too spacious but warm. You may feel like in the Mediterranean with open kitchen at first floor. Homy yet comfortable for you to dine with Mediterranean Atmosphere. We choose second floor because it has a good lighting so far.

What to eat? Here what we got!

Melanzane Parmigiana - 40*
Layers of Eggplant & Mozarela baked in homemade tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

As you might be read on my previous post, I was not into eggplant because of its mushiness. I have no idea why people love to eat eggplant, especially, Indonesian love to eat this food with rice.

But, this dish like a breakthrough thingy. I do believe that the sweet food could be great if it is combined with a salty one and it was proven by this dish.

The sweet egg plant was really have a good combination with the salty cheese. The tomato sauce was also yummy. It neutralize the nauseated so we did not feel that kinda feel after all.

Paella (Seafood) - 140*
A thin blanket of saffron-scented rice with cracky cruchy bottom crust, studded with vegetables and fresh seafood

We surprised with the big portion and generously of the seafood. Like, "Oh my gawd! How could we finish it all alone?"

The rice was well seasoning and I can feel the herbs and spices and everything. It made us want to eat more and more. while the seafood above was really nice. Seriously, we are addicted!

 Oh,ya they also have a nutty-sauce to accompany this paela rice. I suggest you to put and mix it all to make your paella rice tastier.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi - 64* 
Topped with Olive oil and four cheeses (Ricotta, Mozarella, cheddar and parmesan cheese)

Here Ryan's favorite, the Cheese Pizza.

The pizza was not too thick as you eat a bread but also was not to thin as you eat the crackers. You may also taste the cheese. It has a rich taste of cheese. Suitable for cheese lovers!

Greek Salad - 52*
Crisp lettuce, tomatoes & cucumbers, topped with feta cheese, black olives, onions, peppers and special greek dressing

A classic will never wrong. If you bored with the mayo dressing one, you may love this. The classic greek dressing including olive oil, oregano and some spices were really great to refresh our day. It also has a good combination with salt-sour feta cheese, black oils and the onions.

As the onions has strong season, this greek salad make it balance with no overpower-seasoning.

Farfalle al Pesto Genovese Con Pollo - 60*
Farfalle tossed in homemade basil sauce, parmesan cheese and cubes of chicken breast

Pasta will make our day good and also this one.

The Farfalle that mixed with Pesto Sauce was really great for you who boredwith bolognese or carbonara thingy.

I know that pesto is a common thing in the-pasta-world, but instead of ordering some ordinary pasta, you may love this dish!

Love everything about this food. I love how the seasoning was well season and we did not taste an unsalt in every single bite. The chicken is also tender and great.

Three Colors Gelato

This dish is not in menu but soon will be. The Gelato.

Gelato is actually a homemade Italian ice-cream that really different with regular ice cream. While ice cream use cream, Gelato use more milk and also, low fat!

This three colors of gelato contain three different flavors, mint, strawberry and vanilla.

We really enjoy this dessert as it really great to close our experience here.

Overall, this restaurant was great. I really love their ambience and also their food. By the way, Cuadrilla will not stop there. They will have the new menu in this mid of 2015. I shall love to try some as I know it will be great and I'm sure you do!

The Grove, Jl. Benda Raya No. 1D, Kemang, Jakarta
 021 7820188

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