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Sometimes I'm very confused when it comes to eating at any restaurant. Whether it's just the eyecatching design or maybe it has been popular for some reason. Otherwise we decided to visit Roba Yakitori.

Located on Taman Anggrek Mall, it's so easy to find because it's near the sky rink, and just next to the Timezone. Also it's just besides the Pancious restaurant, of course it's obvious because they're the same restaurant group. Meanwhile the concept of the food takes a style based on a "yakitori" japanese style.

Do you know what is Yakitori? Yakitori is a japanese word for chicken satay, but not just chicken who're being served here. There also beef, asparagus, miso, shittake, mushroom, and many more. Mostly the concept is being pinned much like indonesian satay.

The ambience is perfect in here. It has some japanese decoration, filled with wood based design. Too bad is not based on natural light, because actually the places is facing towards outside the mall. Only with a single window placed facing outside, will make the natural light get inside the place.

Okay, now let's get to the menu :)

Consist of rice, chicken stick, egg, and mushroom

The Chicken Meat taste is so delicious, the rice is also not plain. It has some teriyaki sauce to make it delicious and also the Chicken skin is cripsy and delicious. Very lovely meal :)

Each yakitori has an own sauce of their own. Teriyaki, Shio, Miso, and Garlic Mirin. I prefer Teriyaki sauce, because it taste savour and sweet at the same time and it taste very delicious to mix with the yakitori

They also have Yakitori Shitake which has a very nice sauce on all around it. It has lovely taste, a perfect combination of savour, sweet, and also a mushroom :)

Anyway Guys, thanks for all your support. Will see you on the next post :)

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